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People, process and preparing to scale In the beginning of 2016, Branch was at a team-building crossroads: The deep-linking platform for the world’s top brands had to hit lofty hiring goals in order to support their growing list of 10,000+ customers (including Drafted). They needed to scale from 40 teammates to 90, they were relying heavily on staffing agencies to fill open jobs, and they were about to hire an in-office talent acquisition team to reduce their agency dependency and transform hiring. It was at this time that Monica Cuyong joined Branch as a technical recruiter and team lead. Along with her teammate Viviana De La Torre, they would find alternative sources of qualified candidates and scale the team by 50[…]


If you’ve ever considered building a referral program to help you find and hire your best team members, you  know that there are lots of variables to consider: Should we provide rewards for hired referrals? What types of rewards align with our corporate culture and budget? Should we extend our program outside of our team? … to name a few. The #1 question we get asked at Drafted is: “What’s the best type of referral program for my company?” While we love to provide guidance on the most effective ways to drive referrals, the truth is that the ideal referral program for AirBnB is almost certainly different than the ideal referral program at Lola Travel. The best referral program for your team needs[…]

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Hiring is every team’s #1 business challenge. Whether you’re a founder at a startup or a global talent acquisition leader, you’re charged with the most challenging task in business: Building a great team. So how do you start the search for a new hire? Odds are, you ask your trusted network. But referrals don’t happen naturally, in fact, you can expect only 3 to 7% of your hires to come through referrals if you don’t have a strategic plan for referrals at your company. 4 programs to build scalable referrals In order to elevate referrals to a recruiting strategy, you need to develop a scalable process. While every business has their own variation, there are 4 types of referral programs you can[…]

Missing your sales hiring target

As a sales leader, you have many responsibilities: Hiring, ramping, reporting, forecasting, and training are some of the many. But the one responsibility that trumps all others is hitting your number. So, what if your 2017 sales force planning, already has you missing your revenue target this year? Why sales headcount might keep you from hitting your number. What many sales leaders may not account for is the need to over-hire in the beginning of their fiscal year (often January / February), in order to provide enough coverage to hit revenue targets. Here’s why: Sales rep ramp time & training. All sales reps, no matter how experienced, need time to learn your product, sales process, and market. In fact, most companies allow[…]


The beginning of a New Year is a great time to set your intentions and plan for a successful year. It’s also a great time for predicting what’s to come, and in the talent acquisition and HR space, there’s no shortage of opinions about the biggest 2017 talent acquisition predictions. Instead of coming up with our own hairbrained predictions, we crawled through 100’s of predictions from talent acquisition and HR thought leaders, and found our favorites. They embody the excitement that we have for talent acquisition and HR in 2017, our hope that technology will make recruiters’ lives better (and not eat their jobs), and that hiring (and workplaces in general) will become a more inclusive endeavor. #1 [Tweet “2017 #TA[…]


If you’ve ever started a referral recruiting program, you know they take hard work to get off the ground. Even after you get executive buy-in, support from hiring managers, and team adoption, you still have to maintain your referral program and keep referrals top-of-mind. But if you invest the time to keep your referral pipeline full, you’ll find out what great teams already know: Increasing referrals is the single best hiring investment a company can make. If you struggle to think of ways to get more referrals from your team and community, rest easy. Here are: 7 ways to keep your referral pipeline filled year-round. 1. Create a job-sharing schedule on social. Use a marketing tool like Buffer to schedule[…]

Employee and community referral stats

Sometimes the hardest things to prove, are the ones that we already ‘know’ to be true. In talent acquisition, there’s no better example of this than the value of employee and community referrals. While it’s universally understood that referrals are valuable, it can be quite challenging to quantify the value of them. Does this sound familiar? You’re a talent acquisition leader who wants to build or bolster a referral program at your company. This requires team buy-in and a budget for rewards and a referral management software. While your executive team is on board with the concept of referrals, they won’t greenlight your 2017 plan to increase referrals. Your CEO says something like,”We already get lots of referrals. We don’t[…]

Matches by Drafted

2016 has been a breakout year for Drafted. While you can follow all of our Drafted product announcements on our blog, I’m sharing a few of our coolest Fall 2016 releases here. Candidate Dashboard See all the potential referral candidates in your team’s network, and ask for introductions all in one view. Filter by role, location or teammate to find the perfect candidates for open roles. Referral Matches Get automatic referral recommendations based on your team and network. Referring amazing candidates is now as simple as 1-click! Greenhouse ATS Integration With Drafted’s new Greenhouse integration and partnership, sync candidates from the Drafted referral network to your Greenhouse ATS, instantly.   Think it’s time to see more of Drafted? Schedule a demo to see how Drafted can help you 10x[…]


It’s been quiet at Drafted this week. Too quiet. Traffic and engagement are down. It seems like we’re sending tweets into an echo chamber. Rather than write another post about why you should keep hiring in December, I decided to face the facts: Or at least go look for them. What I found out was fascinating: According to Google Trends, this is the #1 week of the year to not care about hiring. All those green arrows below are this week (a.k.a. the week before Christmas) over the past 4 years. When it comes to thinking (and searching) about human resources, no one is spending any time on it this week.     And Google Trends shows us that no[…]


Preparing for lift-off In October 2015, Segment, the San Francisco-based the customer data platform, was at an inflection point: They had just raised $27M in Series B fundraising from some of tech’s biggest VC funds, had hit the 50 person mark, and they needed to double in size to support their growth goals. The founding team, including CEO Peter Reinhardt, had made it this far — from MIT to Y Combinator to traction and initial growth — but they realized that they needed to bring on a Human Resources leader to handle the steep growth curve they were about to hit. As timing would have it, long-time HR and Recruiting expert, Adriana Roche was looking for new growth opportunities in[…]