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Earlier this year, we launched as a free community resource to share data about referral programs. (Here’s a link to the announcement)

Based on community contributions and other publicly available data, we surveyed 145 companies to create a benchmarking report for referral programs.


We’re kind of obsessed with referrals at Drafted. We noticed that when speaking with talent leaders anywhere, the same kinds of questions kept coming up:

  • Does a referral bonus actually help get more referrals?
  • What’s a good referral % to aim for?
  • How can we structure our program and bonus to be the most effective?
  • How does our referral program compare?

Now that we’ve compiled the information for you, you can stop Googling referral programs and start browsing ReferralPrograms.orgWe hope you enjoy it, discuss it with your peers, and send us any feedback at [email protected].

Vinayak + Team Drafted


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