Hubspot, the inbound marketing and sales software for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization, has one of the best employee referral programs in the industry. Devon Brown, Recruiting Manager at Hubspot, is one of the secret forces behind this success.


Lightspeed’s Startup Hiring Trends Report discovered that new hire onboarding, referral programs, and performance reviews were the most common. These programs are designed to foster career development, build company culture, and promote general employee well-being. They are the key to building and scaling successful teams.

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This post was written by Alison Robins of Officevibe. Officevibe is a company focused on creating simple, powerful tools for teams to drive engagement and improve culture. – – Picture this: Your employees love where they work. They’re loyal to their organization. They go above and beyond to make customers happy, because they’re happy. When an outsider asks about their organization, they actually recommend it as a great place to work. This is every HR professional’s dream, but how do you know how your employees really feel? Simple. Use an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to measure your team’s mood. What is eNPS? eNPS, simply put, is a way for organizations to measure the loyalty of their employees and find[…]

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While almost every corporate HR team is making progress towards developing a more inclusive and diverse workforce, some HR leaders think the conversation on diversity isn’t moving fast enough. Some companies implement baselines like the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which requires considering at least one diversity candidate in a cycle. Most companies with a large enough team have sensitivity training of some sort, and systems in place for assisting those who feel marginalized. But many HR thought leaders believe that the way diversity is addressed is simplistic at best, and even narrow-minded. Here are 4 thought-leaders pushing the conversation on diversity forward in 2017:   1  Dr. Roxane Gay – seeing the whole picture, not labels in isolation Writer and professor Dr.[…]


Creativity, diversity & inclusion – the key ingredients to Patreon’s success Patreon has helped creators and artists earn more than $100 million – and it was only started in 2013. The secret? Patreon is a company comprised of passionate, creative people. They’re a team dedicated to funding the emerging creative class, because they are the creative class. As a company, they’re also deeply committed to core behaviors, values and inclusivity. By creators, for creators Patreon helps creators earn a sustainable income, and make a living from their work without having to be a mass-marketed, commercially-known artist. Artists and creators, however, aren’t just Patreon’s clients, they make up the Patreon team itself. Almost everyone working there has an artistic hobby. Daily jam sessions are quite[…]

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People, process and preparing to scale In the beginning of 2016, Branch was at a team-building crossroads: The deep-linking platform for the world’s top brands had to hit lofty hiring goals in order to support their growing list of 10,000+ customers (including Drafted). They needed to scale from 40 teammates to 90, they were relying heavily on staffing agencies to fill open jobs, and they were about to hire an in-office talent acquisition team to reduce their agency dependency and transform hiring. It was at this time that Monica Cuyong joined Branch as a technical recruiter and team lead. Along with her teammate Viviana De La Torre, they would find alternative sources of qualified candidates and scale the team by 50[…]


While it’s commonly accepted that referrals are one of the best ways to hire new team members, many organizations don’t have a formal process in place to source referrals. At Drafted, we talk to talent leaders every day, who want to empower their team and community to refer great teammates, but can’t get the organizational support they need. After coaching many talent leaders and providing them with tools and resources to make the case for referrals, we realized we should give these tools away to every talent leader.     Here are the first 3 email templates and the downloadable powerpoint presentation you need to send to your CFO, CEO / Founder, and Hiring Manager(s) in order to get them on board with referrals. Each template explains the[…]


LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends report is filled with useful benchmarks for recruiters and talent teams. The research comes from almost 4,000 talent acquisition leaders whose businesses span the globe. One of the most interesting takeaways, however, isn’t in the report. It’s between the lines: Talent teams in 2017 will have to hire more employees than last year, without an increase in manpower or budget.   While the report alludes to the average talent team’s lack of firepower in 2017 — one top 5 trends is that “recruiters will be even busier” in 2017— what LinkedIn fails at extrapolating in the report is that busy actually means under-resourced and overwhelmed. Let’s dive into the stats.   People are the #1[…]