In three years, Yotpo’s staff has grown over sixfold — from 50 employees in Tel Aviv alone, to over 300 with offices in New York, London, and soon, Salt Lake City. Rapid scaling at a startup is notoriously challenging. It’s expensive, time consuming, and presents a range of operational challenges. But Yotpo’s company wide bingo-themed Recruitathon saved the company $70,000, and brought in over 500 referrals, plus 16 new hires in the Tel Aviv office In 2016, the Yotpo New York City office grew from 30 to 90 employees. In 2017, they hired another 20 people in just 44 days during their February 15 challenge. And if you think there must have been a quality versus quantity trade-off, think again.[…]


When it comes to diversity, referrals get a pretty bad rep. It’s easy to see why. Birds of a feather do flock together. Your employees will probably refer people who are similar to them. Before you know it, you have a diversity problem. So you like referrals, but you also like diversity. Are you being forced to choose between your favorite children? Maybe not. Tons of companies are exploring ways that referral programs can improve diversity. Seattle-based company Glowforge had an all-male software engineering team. They introduced a new external referral program. Nine months later, that same team was 50 percent female. This wasn’t just some fluke. According to Lightspeed Ventures, referral programs are one of the top, low-cost methods to[…]

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A company, divided… in a good way. Everwise is a company built on two coasts. After selling their last company, Audium, to Cisco in 2006, Mike Bergelson and Colin Schiller, decided to try their hand at another big problem: career development. In 2012 they started building Everwise, the talent development company that helps customers like MasterCard, Oracle, Sony, and Salesforce develop and retain their valuable workforce. And they’ve built it from New York and San Francisco. Now at 100 employees, the business-side of Everwise resides in San Francisco, while product and development are based in Manhattan. From the start this 2,910 mile divide meant that Everwise had to be an organization built on maturity and collaboration — traits that carry[…]

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Big Cartel – a big family with a mission The mission statement that headlines Big Cartel’s career page is concise: “We help artists make a living doing what they love” The company is dedicated to giving artists successful ecommerce outlets by letting artists set up their own online shops to sell their work. Big Cartel arms its clients – a wide community of over a million artists and creators – with robust retail tools and sleek website design capabilities to create their unique digital space. Part of what makes the company so successful, and compelling, is the creative, individualistic culture that reflects the community they serve. The crossroads of culture & community Richard Laing joined Big Cartel in 2015 as Director of Community,[…]


Creativity, diversity & inclusion – the key ingredients to Patreon’s success Patreon has helped creators and artists earn more than $100 million – and it was only started in 2013. The secret? Patreon is a company comprised of passionate, creative people. They’re a team dedicated to funding the emerging creative class, because they are the creative class. As a company, they’re also deeply committed to core behaviors, values and inclusivity. By creators, for creators Patreon helps creators earn a sustainable income, and make a living from their work without having to be a mass-marketed, commercially-known artist. Artists and creators, however, aren’t just Patreon’s clients, they make up the Patreon team itself. Almost everyone working there has an artistic hobby. Daily jam sessions are quite[…]

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People, process and preparing to scale In the beginning of 2016, Branch was at a team-building crossroads: The deep-linking platform for the world’s top brands had to hit lofty hiring goals in order to support their growing list of 10,000+ customers (including Drafted). They needed to scale from 40 teammates to 90, they were relying heavily on staffing agencies to fill open jobs, and they were about to hire an in-office talent acquisition team to reduce their agency dependency and transform hiring. It was at this time that Monica Cuyong joined Branch as a technical recruiter and team lead. Along with her teammate Viviana De La Torre, they would find alternative sources of qualified candidates and scale the team by 50[…]


Preparing for lift-off In October 2015, Segment, the San Francisco-based the customer data platform, was at an inflection point: They had just raised $27M in Series B fundraising from some of tech’s biggest VC funds, had hit the 50 person mark, and they needed to double in size to support their growth goals. The founding team, including CEO Peter Reinhardt, had made it this far — from MIT to Y Combinator to traction and initial growth — but they realized that they needed to bring on a Human Resources leader to handle the steep growth curve they were about to hit. As timing would have it, long-time HR and Recruiting expert, Adriana Roche was looking for new growth opportunities in[…]


Segment was founded in 2012 by MIT undergraduates who left MIT to join YCombinator. Now, Segment has over 7,000 customers and is one of the most effective ways for businesses to collect and send customer data on the web. Segment doubled its headcount to 120 last year, despite being headquartered in San Francisco, one of the most competitive talent markets. Segment has scaled steadily, due in large part to its investment in Human Resources (and recruiting) as a strategic business partner. In late 2015, the team hired Adriana Roche to run HR and build the programs and processes needed to grow the Segment team to support growing customer demands. Adriana quickly realized that Segment employees, users, and investors were passionate[…]


  Good companies make their customers happy. Great companies make their customers better. Enter: Greenhouse Software. Greenhouse makes customers happy with tools that help them source, interview, hire and onboard better. Unlike the rigid world of incumbent applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HR software giants, Greenhouse tools work for your team, not the other way around. But Greenhouse also strives to make their customers better by including them in a movement that is changing how companies hire. They embody this movement with their OPEN customer summit, which brings fellow customers together with thought leaders to inspire, teach, and share stories about growing great teams. This fall, they’re taking the event on the road for their 3-city OPEN Roadshow. First stop:[…]


We’re firm believers that you’re only as great as the team you choose to work by your side. So, when we sat down with ReadyTalk HR Administrator, Meghan DeAngelis, we were impressed by the great and diverse team they’re building, with key initiatives like their Ready to Work program. While tech companies aren’t shy to admit that there is a diversity problem in tech, most teams don’t know how to solve it. DeAngelis opened up to Drafted about the launch of Ready to Work, and their efforts to give a diverse set of candidates —including those who have left the workforce for at least 2 years— a chance to contribute to their team and culture. Drafted: Tell us a little about[…]