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A company, divided… in a good way. Everwise is a company built on two coasts. After selling their last company, Audium, to Cisco in 2006, Mike Bergelson and Colin Schiller, decided to try their hand at another big problem: career development. In 2012 they started building Everwise, the talent development company that helps customers like MasterCard, Oracle, Sony, and Salesforce develop and retain their valuable workforce. And they’ve built it from New York and San Francisco. Now at 100 employees, the business-side of Everwise resides in San Francisco, while product and development are based in Manhattan. From the start this 2,910 mile divide meant that Everwise had to be an organization built on maturity and collaboration — traits that carry[…]

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It’s 2017. People go across the city with Uber, and across the country with AirBnb. They clean their houses with Handy, and walk their dogs with Rover. This is the gig economy; the term being thrown around by everyone from business writers to Hillary Clinton. It’s the trend of employment from long-term, stable positions to short-term, ephemeral services by freelancers and contractors. But the majority of talent acquisition (TA) and HR teams have no plan for flexible talent management. Statistics from a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) study called The Future of Work showed the stark contrast between expectation and preparation: Professionals who can find, recruit and mobilize freelance talent will be more and more valuable to companies, particularly small business and fast-moving industries.[…]

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This week’s news brought yet another cautionary tale about what happens when companies deprioritize diversity. While we all claim that diversity matters, we put it on the backburner while we focus on revenue growth and product innovation. However, a new report from Lightspeed Ventures about startup recruiting trends suggests that with a few simple recruiting practices, hiring for diversity might be easier than you think. Unlocking the mystery of diversity hiring starts with a program that you’ll find at almost every startup, across all growth stages: the referral program.   The reality of startup recruiting: one third of hires come from referral programs Referral programs are the second most common of all human resource programs, only after new hire onboarding,[…]

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Big Cartel – a big family with a mission The mission statement that headlines Big Cartel’s career page is concise: “We help artists make a living doing what they love” The company is dedicated to giving artists successful ecommerce outlets by letting artists set up their own online shops to sell their work. Big Cartel arms its clients – a wide community of over a million artists and creators – with robust retail tools and sleek website design capabilities to create their unique digital space. Part of what makes the company so successful, and compelling, is the creative, individualistic culture that reflects the community they serve. The crossroads of culture & community Richard Laing joined Big Cartel in 2015 as Director of Community,[…]

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It’s a match! For both parties involved, the hiring process is a little bit like dating. It’s confusing, and often you don’t know where to look for the right opportunity. You usually dress a little nicer than usual for first dates and interviews, and both sometimes end in rejection. You usually go on a few crummy ones before you find a good match. Here at Drafted, we’re professional matchmakers. We believe the connections between people are one of the most effective forces in creating and maintaining strong teams. So before you swipe right, let us give you a couple tips on how to make sparks fly with your next hire: Don’t go on blind dates – get referrals from friends Getting[…]


If you’ve ever considered building a referral program to help you find and hire your best team members, you  know that there are lots of variables to consider: Should we provide rewards for hired referrals? What types of rewards align with our corporate culture and budget? Should we extend our program outside of our team? … to name a few. The #1 question we get asked at Drafted is: “What’s the best type of referral program for my company?” While we love to provide guidance on the most effective ways to drive referrals, the truth is that the ideal referral program for AirBnB is almost certainly different than the ideal referral program at Lola Travel. The best referral program for your team needs[…]

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Recruiting is about building strong teams of driven people – and qualifications can’t always determine that Oprah Winfrey grew up poor and was an unproven radio host when she was hired at age 19 to do evening news. But her unusual, emotional, ad-lib delivery prompted the higher ups to switch her over to daytime talk shows – and now she’s, well, Oprah. Nirvana was unknown grunge band from Seattle who released their second album with low expectations, but “Smells Like Teen Spirit” caught the attention of several radio DJ’s and the song hit #6 on the singles chart. It skyrocketed Nirvana – as well as alternative rock as a genre – to mainstream success. Underdogs can become an industry game-changers, just because[…]

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Hiring is every team’s #1 business challenge. Whether you’re a founder at a startup or a global talent acquisition leader, you’re charged with the most challenging task in business: Building a great team. So how do you start the search for a new hire? Odds are, you ask your trusted network. But referrals don’t happen naturally, in fact, you can expect only 3 to 7% of your hires to come through referrals if you don’t have a strategic plan for referrals at your company. 4 programs to build scalable referrals In order to elevate referrals to a recruiting strategy, you need to develop a scalable process. While every business has their own variation, there are 4 types of referral programs you can[…]

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8 Actionable Takeaways From Top HR Leaders Human Resources (HR) is a changing game. Gone are the days of traditional, bureaucratic HR (sorry, Toby from the Office) as companies dedicate more resources to their most valuable asset: Their people. Leaders in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources have access to more resources than ever before, but also shoulder more responsibilities. To thrive in HR 2.0., execs need to be adept in everything from sourcing candidates to fostering diversity and bias training. That’s why we’re sharing advice from top talent leaders on 8 of the biggest trends in HR and talent acquisition, and how to adapt to them. 1. Diversity in a New Generation Key Insight: The numbers of women and minority hires[…]

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As a sales leader, you have many responsibilities: Hiring, ramping, reporting, forecasting, and training are some of the many. But the one responsibility that trumps all others is hitting your number. So, what if your 2017 sales force planning, already has you missing your revenue target this year? Why sales headcount might keep you from hitting your number. What many sales leaders may not account for is the need to over-hire in the beginning of their fiscal year (often January / February), in order to provide enough coverage to hit revenue targets. Here’s why: Sales rep ramp time & training. All sales reps, no matter how experienced, need time to learn your product, sales process, and market. In fact, most companies allow[…]