Sometimes when you’re talking to a recruiter they might say something like “We can’t proceed without getting your current salary.” It’s tough, because you might be excited about the company and don’t want to appear uncooperative, but at the same time, you might not feel comfortable sharing it. As someone who has been on all three sides of the table (candidate, recruiter, hiring manager), I think an empathetic approach here goes a long way. You need not feel indignant or powerless. Keep your eyes on the prize – finding a great team to work with that compensates you well for your contributions. The best thing is to figure out why they’re asking you for this information. In fact, you can[…]


It’s been quiet at Drafted this week. Too quiet. Traffic and engagement are down. It seems like we’re sending tweets into an echo chamber. Rather than write another post about why you should keep hiring in December, I decided to face the facts: Or at least go look for them. What I found out was fascinating: According to Google Trends, this is the #1 week of the year to not care about hiring. All those green arrows below are this week (a.k.a. the week before Christmas) over the past 4 years. When it comes to thinking (and searching) about human resources, no one is spending any time on it this week.     And Google Trends shows us that no[…]


Celebrities and mere mortals alike have been sharing their #FirstSevenJobs on social media over the past week. The trend began after an Alaskan songwriter asked her fans what their first seven jobs were to drum up some inspiration for a song. Celebrities like Steven Colbert and Buzz Aldrin have shared how their careers started. Colbert #firstsevenjobs construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, futon salesman, waiter — Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) August 7, 2016 Aldrin #firstsevenjobs Dish washer Camp counselor Fighter pilot Astronaut Commandant Speaker Author Now Global Space Statesman! — Buzz Aldrin (@TheRealBuzz) August 7, 2016 And while it’s been cool to see how the everyone on the internet’s careers got started, we’re really interested to know who got their careers[…]