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It’s time to have more control over the emails you’re sending from Drafted. Customize email templates for any and every email you send. Create emails based on the people you ask for intros to candidates like colleagues, friends, and 2nd-degree connections. And create different types of emails to send to candidates directly, from the cold outreach to the re-engagement email. The editor allows you to pull keywords to populate the correct information for every email. Use keywords to insert names, LinkedIn profile links, open role title, and more. Start saving time when emailing candidates and asking for intros by customizing your emails to be ready at the click of a button.

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We’re excited to tell you about v2 of the Draftedbot in Slack, using the new Slack Forms API. You can check it out on Product Hunt, LinkedIn, the Slack Appstore, or sign up to try it on Drafted Get suggestions about who they should refer for which job at what time Be able to make a complete referral without leaving Slack (via Slack forms) Have that information travel straight into the ATS (e.g Greenhouse, Lever) Get weekly reports about how their referral program is doing Get suggestions about who they should refer for which job at what time Be able to make a complete referral without leaving Slack (via Slack forms) Have that information travel straight into the ATS (e.g Greenhouse, Lever) Get[…]

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The Candidates page for managers and recruiters just got an upgrade – Stages! Quickly switch between tabs to find candidates who’ve been referred, applied directly, or already contacted. See more information about your referral up front, like who referred them and the date they were referred. And never contact the same candidate twice. Stay up-to-date on who’s been contacted and when. Manage your referral pipeline like a pro and save time digging around Drafted to find information about your referrals.  

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Most people don’t think recruiting is a particularly sexy space. (In fact, even that first sentence might be an HR violation). We feel differently. In reality, [Tweet “Hiring the right team has the largest impact on the outcome of any mission.”] At Drafted, we believe that work is a part of life. This means that work should be delightful, rewarding, inspiring, and most importantly, fun. For this reason, it’s not enough to be satisfied with tools that stop at simply getting results. We build hiring tools that go the extra mile. They don’t just get you good results at a low cost – they’re also delightful to use and actually make your work fun. Hiring is more than just a[…]


We are serious about giving you what you want. Based on your product feedback, we just released a redux of suggested referrals and matches, that allow you much more control over how, when, and to whom you refer. Thanks especially to our customer Segment for early feedback on these features. improve your matches by telling drafted when it’s wrong And you can also tell us exactly what we got wrong, so that Drafted improves automagically! Leave a private note for the hiring manager Sometimes you just want to add context for a referral you’re making. E.g “Gary is really good but I’m not sure if he’s looking for a job” E.g “Sarah seems unhappy in her current gig and values a better[…]


Drafted Joins Techstars Perks – Extends 50% Discount to Founders & Alumni Hiring starts on day one. A single great or bad hire has the potential to make or break your company. As a growing startup ourselves, we know that the problems only get harder as you grow. And while Drafted is already completely free for startups under 10 people, today, we’re announcing a perk that Techstars companies can benefit from as they grow: 50% discount on Drafted for Techstars companies* We ❤ Techstars companies. And our brand colors combine to make a nice gradient. Last week a startup just like yours found their next hire within 30 minutes of trying Drafted. And it cost them… nothing. $0. Zero. You can get[…]

Don’t panic, we will be back, and Drafted web is better for now. As of Jan 1, 2017, users will need to login to the web to use Drafted. One of the most valuable things we learned as a team since starting Drafted, is focus, and not getting distracted from our goals as a company. Focus on the customer today, don’t get distracted by future customers. Focus on features that matter, don’t get distracted by nice-to-haves. Focus on making the right hires, don’t get distracted by fast ones. Drafted’s mission is to make referrals fast, fun, and rewarding for everyone involved. This includes hiring managers, recruiters, team members, referrers, and job seekers. Since we launched Matches on the web, we’ve gotten a[…]