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If you limit yourself to an in-house referral program, you’re neglecting the majority of talent in your network As we’ve written about before, employee referrals are a valuable, powerful tool for building teams. There are several types of employee referrals, and companies with referral programs have higher retention rates and are overall more effective than other sources of hiring. But many companies just incentivize their employees to make referrals – and stop there. In doing so, they’re ignoring a much bigger network of potential talent from which they could be getting introductions to candidates. Even without an external community referral program,  41% of referrals come from outside of your company already. A robust, community-sourced referral program should extend to clients,[…]

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It’s a match! For both parties involved, the hiring process is a little bit like dating. It’s confusing, and often you don’t know where to look for the right opportunity. You usually dress a little nicer than usual for first dates and interviews, and both sometimes end in rejection. You usually go on a few crummy ones before you find a good match. Here at Drafted, we’re professional matchmakers. We believe the connections between people are one of the most effective forces in creating and maintaining strong teams. So before you swipe right, let us give you a couple tips on how to make sparks fly with your next hire: Don’t go on blind dates – get referrals from friends Getting[…]


Lately, you’ve been wondering about whether your talent team is really effective. Are they doing a better job than if you did it yourself? You’re a founder, CEO, COO, or VP. You want to hire faster. You want to hire only the best. You want your organization to be fast and free of bureaucracy. You hired a talent acquisition (TA) team to solve this. But it seems like they’re not getting enough great people in the door. You think something along the lines of — these talent people are all the same. It always seems like they’re always doing data entry and unnecessary gatekeeping, we end up just paying external headhunters an arm and a leg anyway. Before you replace your talent[…]

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Recruiting is about building strong teams of driven people – and qualifications can’t always determine that Oprah Winfrey grew up poor and was an unproven radio host when she was hired at age 19 to do evening news. But her unusual, emotional, ad-lib delivery prompted the higher ups to switch her over to daytime talk shows – and now she’s, well, Oprah. Nirvana was unknown grunge band from Seattle who released their second album with low expectations, but “Smells Like Teen Spirit” caught the attention of several radio DJ’s and the song hit #6 on the singles chart. It skyrocketed Nirvana – as well as alternative rock as a genre – to mainstream success. Underdogs can become an industry game-changers, just because[…]

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8 Actionable Takeaways From Top HR Leaders Human Resources (HR) is a changing game. Gone are the days of traditional, bureaucratic HR (sorry, Toby from the Office) as companies dedicate more resources to their most valuable asset: Their people. Leaders in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources have access to more resources than ever before, but also shoulder more responsibilities. To thrive in HR 2.0., execs need to be adept in everything from sourcing candidates to fostering diversity and bias training. That’s why we’re sharing advice from top talent leaders on 8 of the biggest trends in HR and talent acquisition, and how to adapt to them. 1. Diversity in a New Generation Key Insight: The numbers of women and minority hires[…]


  “Let’s treat our applicants like crap and make sure that smart people don’t want to work at this company.” — said no one ever. Believe it or not, most companies actually want to hire smart and talented people for their teams. Even more surprisingly, most corporate recruiters actually want you to have a good experience when you apply to a company. And the craziest part is that they actually understand that long term company success depends on this. Doing the math on the candidate experience Why do recruiters only spend 6 seconds* looking at each resume? Imagine that Acme co. just raised their series B for $30 million and need to hire 50 people during the year. So they hire their[…]


The beginning of a New Year is a great time to set your intentions and plan for a successful year. It’s also a great time for predicting what’s to come, and in the talent acquisition and HR space, there’s no shortage of opinions about the biggest 2017 talent acquisition predictions. Instead of coming up with our own hairbrained predictions, we crawled through 100’s of predictions from talent acquisition and HR thought leaders, and found our favorites. They embody the excitement that we have for talent acquisition and HR in 2017, our hope that technology will make recruiters’ lives better (and not eat their jobs), and that hiring (and workplaces in general) will become a more inclusive endeavor. #1 2017 #TA Prediction:[…]


If you’ve ever started a referral recruiting program, you know they take hard work to get off the ground. Even after you get executive buy-in, support from hiring managers, and team adoption, you still have to maintain your referral program and keep referrals top-of-mind. But if you invest the time to keep your referral pipeline full, you’ll find out what great teams already know: Increasing referrals is the single best hiring investment a company can make. If you struggle to think of ways to get more referrals from your team and community, rest easy. Here are: 7 ways to keep your referral pipeline filled year-round. 1. Create a job-sharing schedule on social. Use a marketing tool like Buffer to schedule[…]

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Sometimes the hardest things to prove, are the ones that we already ‘know’ to be true. In talent acquisition, there’s no better example of this than the value of employee and community referrals. While it’s universally understood that referrals are valuable, it can be quite challenging to quantify the value of them. Does this sound familiar? You’re a talent acquisition leader who wants to build or bolster a referral program at your company. This requires team buy-in and a budget for rewards and a referral management software. While your executive team is on board with the concept of referrals, they won’t greenlight your 2017 plan to increase referrals. Your CEO says something like,”We already get lots of referrals. We don’t[…]


Preparing for lift-off In October 2015, Segment, the San Francisco-based the customer data platform, was at an inflection point: They had just raised $27M in Series B fundraising from some of tech’s biggest VC funds, had hit the 50 person mark, and they needed to double in size to support their growth goals. The founding team, including CEO Peter Reinhardt, had made it this far — from MIT to Y Combinator to traction and initial growth — but they realized that they needed to bring on a Human Resources leader to handle the steep growth curve they were about to hit. As timing would have it, long-time HR and Recruiting expert, Adriana Roche was looking for new growth opportunities in[…]