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Filtering through referrals on Drafted just got a lot easier. Why? Because for the first time, we added filters. Quickly jump to the open role you want to search through referrals for. No more scrolling forever to find the right job.   Narrow down to the location of the candidate. If your open role is for a position in Boston, you might want to see all potential referrals already located in Boston. Search for the exact person you’re looking for too. Already have a friend in mind? Just type in their name to see if they match up with any of your open roles. Or quickly flip through suggested referrals by using the left and right arrows. Don’t worry about[…]

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Earlier this year, we launched as a free community resource to share data about referral programs. (Here’s a link to the announcement) Based on community contributions and other publicly available data, we surveyed 145 companies to create a benchmarking report for referral programs. We’re kind of obsessed with referrals at Drafted. We noticed that when speaking with talent leaders anywhere, the same kinds of questions kept coming up: Does a referral bonus actually help get more referrals? What’s a good referral % to aim for? How can we structure our program and bonus to be the most effective? How does our referral program compare? Now that we’ve compiled the information for you, you can stop Googling referral programs and start browsing[…]


Here’s the open secret. Every viral brand ever started off by catering to a very specific set of super-evangelists, whether they realized it at the time or not. Apple didn’t become a viral brand because of their 1984 SuperBowl ad. First, they had to focus on the die-hard computer enthusiasts. Everything you now associate with Apple only exists because of its success with those early adopters — the super-evangelists. Employer brands are different though. There’s a reason you probably wouldn’t take out a SuperBowl ad seeking job applicants. It’s because your employer brand is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It already exists, regardless of how much you’ve invested in it. Your employer brand isn’t built through: Promotional ads A beautifully designed[…]


When I was 11, I collected rubber ducks, my favorite color was purple, and Blink-182 was trendy. So behold, my first email address — [email protected] Tragically, this email address did not stand the test of time. You too have probably come to the realization that your email address from the early 2000s is no longer cool. If you haven’t, allow me to drop some knowledge on you — no matter how impressive your credentials are, absolutely no one will take you seriously if you’re emailing them from [email protected] Sorry, but that’s the world we live in. If this is the first you’re hearing of this, have no fear. It’s pretty easy to set up a new email account. Your life[…]


When it comes to diversity, referrals get a pretty bad rep. It’s easy to see why. Birds of a feather do flock together. Your employees will probably refer people who are similar to them. Before you know it, you have a diversity problem. So you like referrals, but you also like diversity. Are you being forced to choose between your favorite children? Maybe not. Tons of companies are exploring ways that referral programs can improve diversity. Seattle-based company Glowforge had an all-male software engineering team. They introduced a new external referral program. Nine months later, that same team was 50 percent female. This wasn’t just some fluke. According to Lightspeed Ventures, referral programs are one of the top, low-cost methods to[…]


At Drafted, we work hard to show you the best referrals available for your open positions using our custom algorithm. But we know sometimes you want to do the searching yourself. So we are giving you more control over the ability to narrow down candidates in multiple ways. Announcing Network Search, a brand new tool for hiring teams. Now you can search your entire company network in one place. With Network Search you can search by: Job Title Name of Candidate Location of Candidate Seniority of current or previous job Employer history Looking for a Senior Software Engineer that has worked at Google and is located in San Francisco? While using Search Network, you can filter with all of those specifications to create a narrow segmentation[…]

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Voicemail is dead. Email is full of spam. If you’re not already using SMS messaging in your recruiting process, now is the time to start. Texting sometimes gets a bad rep in the professional world. It’s seen as  impersonal, informal, or confusing for the non tech-savvy. But SMS messaging is the easiest way to reach new candidates and generate fast responses. It’s simple, convenient, and efficient. Texting allows the candidate to read the message whether they’re at home or on the go, and respond at their convenience. SMS messages are opened 98% of the time, compared to email open rates, which have dropped below 25%. That’s not even counting the emails that bounce back — one in four emails are never delivered. The[…]

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Whether you’re on the sending or receiving end, cold outreach can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. If there’s anyone who has it down, it’s Keith Pescosolido, head recruiter at Drift who helped build their robust tech team from the ground up. After talking to Keith, we got a pretty good idea of what makes a good cold outreach email, so we did the hard part for you and made some templates for every occasion.   1. THE SIMPLE REACH OUT Subject: Catching up Hey [Person], It’s been forever! How’s it going at [their company]? [Drop a quick one liner on what has changed at your company since last connecting]. This cold email works for people you’ve reached out to before, but haven’t talked[…]

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Many employers know and use an ’employee referral program,’ often shorted to ERP. Employees can refer someone they know to the company. If the hire is successful, the employee gets a bonus, such as paid vacation or cash reward. ERP’s in this sense are strictly in-house, and operate only within the company. But there’s another, more versatile kind of ‘ERP’ – the External Referral Program. In HR circles, it’s been called a lot of different things: Community referral program Non-employee referral program, or NERP Bounty hiring program Open referral program … and so on. NERP, ORP, CRP – whatever you like to call it, external referral programs are an in-and-out-of-house program that engage the community to find top talent. Now, let’s go[…]

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Most people don’t think recruiting is a particularly sexy space. (In fact, even that first sentence might be an HR violation). We feel differently. In reality, [Tweet “Hiring the right team has the largest impact on the outcome of any mission.”] At Drafted, we believe that work is a part of life. This means that work should be delightful, rewarding, inspiring, and most importantly, fun. For this reason, it’s not enough to be satisfied with tools that stop at simply getting results. We build hiring tools that go the extra mile. They don’t just get you good results at a low cost – they’re also delightful to use and actually make your work fun. Hiring is more than just a[…]