The 2017 Talent Acquisition & HR predictions Drafted is rooting for

January 24, 2020
Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

What 2017 #TA and #HR predictions Are You Rooting For?

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to set your intentions and plan for a successful year. It’s also a great time for predicting what’s to come, and in the talent acquisition and HR space, there’s no shortage of opinions about the biggest 2017 talent acquisition predictions. Instead of coming up with our own hairbrained predictions, we crawled through 100's of predictions from talent acquisition and HR thought leaders, and found our favorites. They embody the excitement that we have for talent acquisition and HR in 2017, our hope that technology will make recruiters' lives better (and not eat their jobs), and that hiring (and workplaces in general) will become a more inclusive endeavor.


[Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: Software will eclipse tradition. @drjohnsullivan"]"Software algorithms are about to take over recruiting. Most of the new recruit-tech innovations will involve the use of software algorithms to find, attract, maximize diversity, sort, match and assess candidates. "Read Dr. John Sullivan's full article


[Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: Retention is recruiting. @mattcharney"]Recruiting is only required when retention fails – and making sure it succeeds is why in the coming year, retention will increasingly be a focal point for recruiters and talent organizations, instead of the exclusive purview of HR Generalists or business partners. See the full slideshare


[Tweet "2017#TA Prediction: Talent Acquisition will have a seat at the executive table. @Linkedin"]"83% of recruiters say that talent acquisition is the #1 priority at their company."Read the full report


[Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: Diversity in recruitment will continue to be a primary focus. @HRKnows1"]"Companies continue to be challenged in their diversity recruiting efforts, but recruiting technology has improved to help organizations improve in this area." Read the article


[Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: Referral madness! @mattcharney"]"This next year, employers will finally discover it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, that really matters most in recruiting and hiring."Read the full article


[Tweet "2017#TA Prediction: Heightened focus on highly engaged employees. @ERE_net"]"Employee engagement will be a huge focus as companies look to build and nurture a pipeline of internal candidates who are eager to move up within the organization and contribute to the growth of the business." Read the full article


[Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: Prove your results or your approach will be dropped. @drjohnsullivan"]"Under traditional corporate recruiting, programs could remain operational for years without being challenged. However, under the new data-driven model, approaches and tools (e.g. sources, screening criteria, interviews, reference checks and brainteaser questions) with a questionable validity will simply be stopped." Read the full article


[Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: The hiring manager’s experience will become a bigger priority. @ERE_net"]"Like candidates, hiring managers want a consumer-like experience where results are quickly delivered and information is easily obtained or shared through the click of a button." Read the full article


[Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: The robots are coming. We should embrace it. @josh_bersin"]"Every one of us should learn how to augment our performance with technology (and yes, some of the technology will be very smart), but then add human elements to the work to help provide higher levels of customer value and service. Every time automation comes, we simply do different things." Read the article & watch the video


Tweet "2017#TA Prediction: 2017 will see the emergence of the #TA tech stack. @elaineorler" Listen to the podcast


Tweet "2017 #TA Prediction: Teams will strive to improve the candidate experience in 2017. @greenhouse"

"Keep a pulse on the candidates that are applying to your jobs. Use a candidate survey to give them the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the interview experience and measure your net promoter score (NPS). It’s essential that companies find out and gauge how candidates are feeling during the application process." Read the article

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