25 Referral Contest Ideas for Employees

December 15, 2020
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Just when you thought the hardest part of launching an employee referral program was launching it, you then realized it's 10x harder to keep the referrals flowing. If you've run out of ideas or worse, your referrals have run dry, it's time to step up your game. Here's 6 genius spiffs for employees and 20 examples of community referral programs if you're looking for some extra credit. But if you're looking for quick ideas to do right now, read on!

Employee referral contest ideas for when referrals run dry

  1. Competition among referred employees - they know it works and will be happy to pay it forward
  2. Get new hires involved: include information about your program in employee welcome packets and give a cool perk to a newbie who refers a friend
  3. Track shares of your referral page, reward whoever drives the most traffic
  4. Host a monthly outing for anyone that makes a referral that month
  5. Post new jobs in your team chat platform (Slack) and make a spiff for anyone that refers in platform
  6. Host regular “sourcing parties” where employees sit with recruiters and make introductions
  7. Do recurring lunch-and-learn “case studies” with happy referrers and referees (free pizza is a plus)
  8. Host a bring your friend to work day
  9. Create tweets for your marketing team to share on your company Twitter, give your employees a sweet treat if they share from their personal accounts
  10. Do #9 for Facebook
  11. Do #9 for LinkedIn
  12. Create a “Hiring at [Your Company]” blog and reward anyone that shares it on social media
  13. Host a tournament (dodgeball, softball, etc.) and ask that everyone brings someone they think would make a great referral
  14. Best meme contest for social - ask employees to create a meme about what it's like to work at your company the best one gets shared from your company accounts
  15. Make “Wanted” posters for critical roles (with reward)
  16. Host a happy hour with an ask for an invite - employees must name 5 peers they admire (and refer them) to get invited
  17. Host a happy hour and ask your employees to invite their smartest peers
  18. Run seasonal contests to source the most referrals - winners get an in season perk (tickets to a baseball game or a holiday gift basket)
  19. Give a reward for anyone that refers someone from a direct competitor
  20. Make coveted T-shirts for the "top referrers club"
  21. Give a gift card for names (example: $5 to Starbucks per marketer)
  22. Ask your CEO to host a dinner for all employees who made referrals that turn into hires
  23. Get your hiring managers to host team competitions - winners get an afternoon off
  24. Get funny participation trophies to give to employees who made hired referrals
  25. Use a referral leaderboard to create a contest between departments

We all know employee engagement is important especially when it comes to company culture and a little friendly competition among coworkers goes a long way. All of this applies to your employee referral program too! Use these employee referral contest ideas to keep the referrals moving and your employee engaged.

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