7 Ways to Fill Your Referral Pipeline Year-Round

December 31, 2016
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If you’ve ever started a referral recruiting program, you know they take hard work to get off the ground. Even after you get executive buy-in, support from hiring managers, and team adoption, you still have to maintain your referral program and keep referrals top-of-mind.But if you invest the time to keep your referral pipeline full, you’ll find out what great teams already know: Increasing referrals is the single best hiring investment a company can make.

If you struggle to think of ways to get more referrals from your team and community, rest easy. Here are:

7 ways to keep your referral pipeline filled year-round.

7 ways fill referral pipeline

1. Create a job-sharing schedule on social.

Use a marketing tool like Buffer to schedule and automatically share your jobs with your community. Community referrals make up almost 40% of all referrals to your company already, even if you’re not tracking them.Share each job once every 2 weeks on social networks -- any more than that and your audience will get fatigued.

2. Email signatures

Link to your careers page in your email signature with a PS: If you know someone who would be a great addition to our team, you can refer them here. Get others on your team (especially well-networked team members) to join in. With Drafted, your custom link can track referrals from your community back to your team as well, to make giving “credit” for referrals a breeze.Imagine if everyone on your team has this in their signature, and gets credit for candidates and referrals coming through it.


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3. Keep your jobs up-to-date.

If your ATS jobs go straight to your careers page make sure they are up-to-date. Make sure all jobs are up to date on job boards and tools like Drafted, too.One way we make this easy is our job-sync feature, available to all Drafted-Greenhouse customers.

4. Keep your team engaged.

Send reminder emails, the more specific the better. And word to the wise, here’s why you shouldn’t just send a team-wide email asking for referrals.While the process can be arduous, customizing your requests by department or team member will increase referrals. Drafted goes as far as to personalize every reminder email with matches for jobs from your network, but even just asking marketers to refer for specific marketing roles can have huge benefits.

5. Recognize top referrers company-wide.

Showcase your best referral wins and top referrers company-wide. Recognition can come in many forms: A team referral status update at every company meeting, a monthly referral update email or an awesome referral leaderboard for a big screen at the office. Sharing referral wins goes a far way to promoting more referrals, even without cash incentives.

6. Be responsive.

This one is easy: Set a standard (sometimes called a Service Level Agreement, or SLA) for referral response time. The worst experience for a motivated referrer is when they refer someone and they never hear from you again. Make sure to follow up with new candidates within 24 hours, for example. As a bonus: Many ATS tools, like Greenhouse, let a referrer follow along in the referral process.

7. Experiment with rewards.

Try offering exclusive rewards like “Dinner with the CEO” or “Free trip to Disneyland” for positions that are hard to fill. Unique opportunities will keep your role and employer brand top-of-mind.

What’s next?

When referrals are chugging into your team, you can start to get even more strategic with how you ask for referrals and who you ask based on the data you’re collecting on your referral submissions and hires. Advanced talent acquisition teams use tools like their ATS, Excel (or reporting tools like Tableau) and often leverage software to streamline the extremely manual part of running a referral program: Getting them from your team and community. Get started with these 7 steps to drive more referrals, or request a demo of Drafted to streamline social sharing, referral tracking and automatic network matches for your team.

About Drafted

At Drafted, we believe that your company network is your single biggest competitive advantage when it comes to hiring. Our mission is to make it easy for you to leverage your network in the hiring process to find the best candidates. Your network is already powerful, it’s just too much work to make it a priority over the day-to-day of recruiting. Companies that use Drafted see their employee referral numbers go up by 2x, their time to hire drop by 30% and their overall hiring efficiency increase significantly within just a few months.