[Infographic] Building the Best Employee Referral Program for Your Team

January 31, 2017
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If you've ever considered building a referral program to help you find and hire your best team members, you  know that there are lots of variables to consider:

Best Types of Employee Referral Programs
  • Should we provide rewards for hired referrals?
  • What types of rewards align with our corporate culture and budget?
  • Should we extend our program outside of our team?

... to name a few.

The #1 question we get asked at Drafted is: "What's the best type of referral program for my company?"

While we love to provide guidance on the most effective ways to drive referrals, the truth is that the ideal referral program for AirBnB is almost certainly different than the ideal referral program at Lola Travel.

The best referral program for your team needs to align with your unique hiring goals, culture, beliefs and budget!

Don't know where to begin? That's why we made this Step-by-Step Guide to Building the Best Referral Program for Your Team, to help you design a meal, er program, that checks off all your needs.

The infographic highlights:

  • Employee vs. Community
  • Reward vs. Non-Reward
  • Standard vs. Scaling Rewards
  • ... and more

Want to go deeper? Read in-depth stats, definitions and benefits in our recent post, What's the best type of employee referral program for my company? Now, you have the tools to construct the best referral program for your company, and build an even more incredible team to tackle your business goals.Next up: Rolling out your exciting new referral program to your team and community! (And yes, of course, Drafted can help you hire great referrals faster.)

About Drafted

At Drafted, we believe that your company network is your single biggest competitive advantage when it comes to hiring. Our mission is to make it easy for you to leverage your network in the hiring process to find the best candidates. Your network is already powerful, it’s just too much work to make it a priority over the day-to-day of recruiting. Companies that use Drafted see their employee referral numbers go up by 2x, their time to hire drop by 30% and their overall hiring efficiency increase significantly within just a few months.