Diversity Reports 2.0 — Let’s make diversity data more transparent

Dani Dawkins

Over the past few weeks, companies, especially in the tech space, have started to share their internal diversity data, as well as their commitments and goals. This past week alone, Snap, Inc, which previously kept a pretty tight lid on their demographic data, has published their first-ever diversity report—indicating a shift in the industry toward greater openness and transparency. 

At Drafted, we believe that openness and transparency are critical to intentional team building, and we are so excited to see companies making their diversity data and commitments more open. We want to help keep up the positive momentum, so we committed to revamping our site diversityreports.org to make it easier for orgs to make their data open.

Today we’re excited to share the new and improved diversityreports.org! Now it’s even easier to compare, analyze, and share diversity data.

Product Updates

We built diversityreports.org to solve for three key user frustrations, namely that current diversity report offerings don’t provide access to sufficient data, and lack accountability, and context. 

Key Updates, include: 
  1. Increased access by making it easy to quickly share diversity data by filling out our diversity survey. No need to put together a 30-page formal report! 
  2. Broadened the types of data collected and covered on the site to include race, gender, sexual orientation, geography, disability status, and more. 
  3. Provided context by clearly defining each bucket of data. For example, you’ll be able to see if gender data reflects just US vs Global representation.
  4. Allowed orgs to provide context by creating a space for companies to share their DEI initiatives in addition to their data. 

How it Works

To add your org and get featured on diversityreports.org: 
  1. Share your org’s data via our survey here.
  2. Answer as many questions as you can with the data you have. 
  3. Opt-in (or not) to be featured on diversityreports.org. If you don’t opt-in we’ll only include your numbers in the aggregate data set.
  4. See how your data compares to top companies in your peer group.

Still Need to Collect Your Org’s Diversity Data? 

The survey we put together is pretty comprehensive and we know that you might not have been able to collect all of this data from people at your organization yet. Don’t fret! 

We created a template you can copy and use to start collecting this info from your organization. 

To download your own version:

  1. Click here to create your own copy of the template.
  2. Select ‘Make a Copy’ when prompted.
  3. Make any edits specific to your company.  
  4. Send the survey to your entire company.
  5. Share your updated metrics on diversityreports.org! Take the diversity survey

We’re committed to keeping the movement toward openness and transparency going. This is just the beginning. Subscribe to get updates when other orgs make their data open on diversityreports.org. 

About Drafted

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