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December 8, 2016
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Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

Does this email sound familiar?

“Hey friend, we desperately need a Product Manager do you know anyone good? - Don”

You scratch your head for a couple of minutes and conclude

“Sorry, not off the top of my head. But I’ll think about it and let you know.”

A few weeks later, you run into an old friend at a cocktail party. She mentions that she’s thinking about leaving her job and is quietly interviewing somewhere that she could be a Product Manager.

“Omg I should introduce you to Don”, you think.

Unfortunately, you forget to follow up the next day. It happens.Meanwhile, Don is tearing his hair out since he can’t find any good candidates for Product Manager and decides to try out some job boards and recruiting agencies.A week later, you get a message from the job seeker at the cocktail party (it’s been a month since you now talked to Don).

"Hey, do you know any cool teams looking for a Product Manager?”

Shoot! Don.

“New Message: Intro Hilary <> Don re: Product Manager”

You spend another 10 minutes writing the email introducing them.Meanwhile, Don just spent 4 weeks interviewing bad candidates and hasn’t found anyone good, despite spending tens of thousands of dollars on recruiters and job boards.After the introduction, Don replies to Hilary, they start the interview process, but halfway through she accepts an offer because she was interviewing for the past few months.

Introducing: Matches

At Drafted, we’re solving the number one problem of every growing company: Hiring the right people, right now.We just released Drafted Matches, to help you automatically pair great people with open jobs at your company. Drafted finds intelligent matches between open positions at your company and your network, making it just one-click and zero headaches for you to refer friends to your company or anywhere else in your professional network.

Matches by Drafted

Refer your connections to your company with a simple Thumbs Up -- or skip candidates who aren't a good match. Then, get rewarded when your friends get hired on your team. It's the first-ever way tool that lets you make thousands of dollars with just a click!In the world of Drafted, Don and Hilary would have found each other instantly and would be working together to build great things. Don’t miss out, like Hilary and Don. Start Matching Friends today.

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