Announcing Drafted Communities - Beyond Employee Referrals

Aubrie Przybysz
Marketing at Drafted

It takes a village to raise an all-star team.

If you’re always helping, referring an amazing new teammate is the highest impact way to help any team accomplish their mission. With Drafted Communities, companies can curate, manage and build their own referral communities. You can create or join your very own referral community today, for free.

Great hires don’t come just from employee referrals, they come from the community you build around your employer brand.

Why community referrals?

40% of referral based hires actually originate from somewhere in your community. Your community includes friends, family, advisors, investors, customers, and anyone that cares about your company. Those of you in the recruiting world might also know these as external referrals.

A note on referrals and diversity

Many folks believe that employee referrals are “not good for diversity”. This is sometimes true if you only get “top of mind” referrals that come from a very small subset of the company. But if you take the Pinterest approach or listen to Freada Klein, it’s easy to see that we have the power to actually generate a more diverse pipeline of candidates through referrals. In fact, this study from Lightspeed Ventures found that referrals are the #2 source of non-homogeneous hires at startups.I’ll follow that up with something that intuitively seems obvious.

If you want more diverse referrals, look beyond employee referrals.

Drafted communities, out of the box gives you:

  1. Tailored referral suggestions relevant to open positions
  2. A tracker for referrals you’ve made so you can see their status
  3. A leaderboard to celebrate top community contributors
  4. Premium recruiter features: Community search and integrations

You can search for and find companies on Drafted communities, and either create or join a community for any company.

Big thanks to our community members including Allison Churilla, Misael Abreu, Matt Podolski, ZeShaan Shamsi, Michael Brown and Michelle Wagner for valuable feedback that helped shape this new release.

It really does take a village.

Vinayak, Aubrie & Team Drafted

About Drafted

At Drafted, we believe that your company network is your single biggest competitive advantage when it comes to hiring. Our mission is to make it easy for you to leverage your network in the hiring process to find the best candidates. Your network is already powerful, it’s just too much work to make it a priority over the day-to-day of recruiting. Companies that use Drafted see their employee referral numbers go up by 2x, their time to hire drop by 30% and their overall hiring efficiency increase significantly within just a few months.