Drafted Product Update - New Year, New Matches

January 23, 2017
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Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

We are serious about giving you what you want. Based on your product feedback, we just released a redux of suggested referrals and matches, that allow you much more control over how, when, and to whom you refer.  Thanks especially to our customer Segment for early feedback on these features.

Improve your matches by telling drafted when it's wrong

And you can also tell us exactly what we got wrong, so that Drafted improves automagically!

Drafted improves automagically

Leave a private note for the hiring manager

Sometimes you just want to add context for a referral you're making.

E.g "Gary is really good but I'm not sure if he's looking for a job"E.g "Sarah seems unhappy in her current gig and values a better commute more than a promotion"

Choose who to notify

How you introduce people or refer is dependent on your relationship with those individuals. We understand that. So give you even more control on who gets notified and the messaging used for intros, you can now

  1. Notify the hiring manager
  2. Make an intro and message both the hiring manager as well as the job seeker.
  3. Edit the messaging used for any of these.
job seeker

Tag people with skills and qualities

People teams often track candidates and prospects by keywords and tags. Adding a few simple tags for context goes a long way in helping your referral get prioritized to the top. And it really helps out your talent team.


We're hungry for feedback about these updates, so don't hesitate to Live Chat or ping us at contact@drafted.us :)

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