Drafted Network Search - A New Tool for Hiring Teams

Aubrie Przybysz
Marketing at Drafted

At Drafted, we work hard to show you the best referrals available for your open positions using our custom algorithm. But we know sometimes you want to do the searching yourself. So we are giving you more control over the ability to narrow down candidates in multiple ways.

Announcing Network Search, a brand new tool for hiring teams.

Now you can search your entire company network in one place. With Network Search you can search by:

  • Job Title
  • Name of Candidate
  • Location of Candidate
  • Seniority of current or previous job
  • Employer history

Looking for a Senior Software Engineer that has worked at Google and is located in San Francisco? While using Search Network, you can filter with all of those specifications to create a narrow segmentation of the people in your network. Go as specific as you want or as general as you want. The power is in your hands.

Find someone you like? You can still ask for an intro to a candidate or reach out to them directly using Network Search. If you aren't ready to reach out just yet, favorite them to easily find them again later.

Drafted not only offers referral recommendations but also allows you to source referrals yourself through Network Search. See Network Search in action for yourself so you can start filling your hiring funnel with your network's top talent.

You can learn more at explore.drafted.us and schedule a demo with us.

Happy Drafting!

About Drafted

At Drafted, we believe that your company network is your single biggest competitive advantage when it comes to hiring. Our mission is to make it easy for you to leverage your network in the hiring process to find the best candidates. Your network is already powerful, it’s just too much work to make it a priority over the day-to-day of recruiting. Companies that use Drafted see their employee referral numbers go up by 2x, their time to hire drop by 30% and their overall hiring efficiency increase significantly within just a few months.