5 Employment Branding Tactics to Attract Top Talent

June 27, 2016
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In a candidate's market, even the best companies need a strong employment brand to win the war for talent. Just as a product brand is defined by the customer experience, your employment brand is defined by the employee experience at your company.

How To Create A Better Employment Brand

Most visitors to your website may not be actively looking for a job but would be open to new opportunities. A great employment brand works in the background to keep the career opportunities at your company top of mind for all visitors, slowly converting them from visitors to candidates or referrers. Do they come away feeling positive or neutral about your company? Can they easily find good reviews from your current employees online? If someone walked into a bar and said your company name out loud, would people immediately think of it as a place to grow their career or "just some company"?. There a few ways to easily boost your credibility with (especially) passive job seekers.

  1. Create a quick video showcasing your company. Include your office, your employees, and your work. Job posts that contain a video are viewed 12% more than those without and receive a 34% greater application rate.
  2. Create a space on your careers page that has employee testimonials and pictures of the team. You can include all the cool perks like free coffee, but try to make it really easy for someone to understand why employees love coming in every day (hint: it's not just the coffee).
  3. Encourage employees to write good reviews on Glassdoor if it is truly a great place. According to ERE Media, about half of job seekers use Glassdoor at some point in their job search or consulted reviews to find top employers before they even thought about applying at a company.
  4. According to a Job Seeker National Study, half of the currently employed individuals see their position as temporary. Showcase growth opportunities and career paths on your website so that candidates don't look at your company as just another stepping stone.
  5. Engage your audience on social media. Social media has intertwined company reputation with the customer experience. One great way to engage with your community as an employer is to highlight the accomplishments of your current employees. This makes them stand out in their micro-communities as an ambassador for your employment brand.

Good Employment Brands Generate Referrals

Great companies are marked by employees who speak positively about their experience. Teammates who are vocal about positive experiences create credibility for your employment brand message and are more likely to refer their friends for openings at the company.

Half of all employed individuals see their current job as

When you create a great employee experience and showcase your employment brand, you can get closer to having a majority of your new hires come to you organically through word of mouth and referrals.We want to know which companies you think have great employment brands. Who would you want to work for just based on the employment brand they have?

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