Speaker sneak peek: Greenhouse OPEN NYC

January 24, 2020
Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

Good companies make their customers happy.Great companies make their customers better. Enter: Greenhouse Software. Greenhouse makes customers happy with tools that help them source, interview, hire and onboard better. Unlike the rigid world of incumbent applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HR software giants, Greenhouse tools work for your team, not the other way around.But Greenhouse also strives to make their customers better by including them in a movement that is changing how companies hire. They embody this movement with their OPEN customer summit, which brings fellow customers together with thought leaders to inspire, teach, and share stories about growing great teams. This fall, they’re taking the event on the road for their 3-city OPEN Roadshow. First stop: New York City on September 30.Drafted caught up with OPEN speakers leading the way in recruiting, HR, and talent acquisition to get their thoughts on what’s not-to-miss at OPEN New York.Spoiler Alert: It’s everything.

Session Sneak Peeks From OPEN Speakers

natalie ledbetter curalate

Natalie LedbetterDirector of Talent Acquisition at Curalate (LeUnicornHunter)My session: New People Teams"I'll be talking about why getting people ops in place early in a company's trajectory can help mitigate some of the 'growing pains' that occur in hyper-growth companies. I'll address some the big wins and losses — and the associated learnings — that I've come away with through building people ops in two fast-paced startups."My career:"I have built and run the talent acquisition function at two hyper-growth startups, as well as HR at a boutique investment bank. I've scaled companies by 130% and did a fun TEDx talk last year about getting my best job ever without submitting a resume."I'm most excited about..."The learning and networking opportunities! I can't wait to be inspired!"Curalate is hiring!


Christina KaneDirector of Talent Acquisition at Betterment (@Betterment)My session: Greenhouse User Stories"I'll tie together the importance of having a structured interview plan for each role you are recruiting on and discussing if a 'Cultural Fit' interview has a place in that interview plan. I will walk you through the evolution of the interview plan at Betterment over the last 18 months, how we used to assess for 'cultural fit' and how we are now assessing for 'cultural fit' and have even more buy-in today from our already supportive hiring managers."My career:"I'm the Head of Talent at Betterment, where I lead the internal recruitment team. With 12+ years of experience at both Fortune 1000 and NYC based Start-Ups, I use my experiences in creating strategy, building relationships and scaling organizations as Betterment continues to change the future of investing. Along with my team of 7, I enjoy the challenge of finding the right person for the job!"I'm thrilled to..."Continue to build meaningful relationships with NYC base start-ups, so that as we all continue to grow and scale, we can learn from each other!"Betterment is hiring!


Shannon ZwickerRecruiting Systems @ YEXTMy session: Greenhouse User Stories"I’ll be sharing Yext's recent journey through our ATS selection process, my tips for implementing the best version of Greenhouse, and how it all unfolds into great analytics that can drive critical business decisions."My career fun fact:"I recently led the implementation of Greenhouse at Yext; a 550+ person company that has seen a ~45% increase in revenue year over year, finishing 2015 with $88.8 million."Yext is hiring!

LaurenRyan L170172 x2048sq

Lauren RyanDirector of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse (@_LaurenRyan_)My session: 5 Recruiting KPI’s Workshop"There have been lots of blogs, presentations, and panels about what KPIs we should be tracking as a recruiting industry. My presentation will focus on why we should be doing it through the lens of a case study on the impact KPIs can have. I'll look at Greenhouse's own recruiting process and evaluate how KPIs provided key insights that allowed us to take action and update how we recruit. Then we'll all do a workshop diving into some real life data and developing aa plan for taking action in our own organizations."My career:"I have a background in operations, and before joining Greenhouse worked at Google as a Financial Operations Manager. There, I built the risk and controls team that moves the bulk of the company’s revenue. I joined Greenhouse in 2015 to build and launch our Greenhouse Analytics tool. A self-proclaimed process, data, and scale geek, I shifted my focus to apply the same principles to the people-centric world of talent acquisition."I'm jazzed about OPEN!"The energy at the Greenhouse OPEN in May in San Francisco was electric. It was so amazing to be in rooms full of talent professionals getting excited about collectively pushing our field to the next level. I can't wait to experience that same excitement in three other cities!"

Lorna Hagen OnDeck

Lorna HagenSenior Vice President, People Operations at OnDeck (@lornahagen)My session: Introducing the New People Team (Panel)"I will be talking about what Human Resources departments and their staff should look like today and in the future. What new skills, competencies, and disciplines HR staff need in order to build meaningful programs in a quickly changing economy with quickly changing demographics."My career:"I am the SVP of People Operations at OnDeck — the country’s leading online platform for small business loans. Under my leadership, OnDeck has grown its staff from 220 to over 600 employees and completed an incredibly successful IPO — the largest VC-backed tech exit in New York history.Prior to joining OnDeck, I ran Human Resources for LOFT and was part of their leadership team. LOFT broke the billion-dollar revenue threshold during my tenure and that milestone was coupled with lower turnover, higher engagement scores, and productivity per employee.I was also VP of Global Talent Management at Dow Jones, where I delivered a total re-build of the HR function. At another News Corp. company, HarperCollins, I spearheaded the implementation of their first ATS, online job application, internal company portal, and developed the first training programs for both managers and staff. I started a pattern of finding untraditional candidates for a very traditional children's books industry. A group of my key talent finds went on to be the editors of 'Pretty Little Liars', 'The Lux', and 'Divergent'."OnDeck’s hiring!

maia headshot square

Maia JosebachviliVP of Strategy & People at Greenhouse (@MaiaJo_)My session: How to Understand the ROI of Investing in People"Understanding ROI is difficult in general, but it's even more complicated when it comes to people. I developed a framework that walks through how to think about it and uses a couple of case studies to demonstrate just how big the return actually is. It will be interactive and we'll wrap up by working on a proposal template to frame investment requests in terms of ROI."My career:"I'm the VP of Strategy & People at Greenhouse and part of the exec team that has led the org through 8x growth in just two years. My team has pioneered the concept of combining the Strategy & People functions and doing away with the traditional HR dept. We're reinventing the role of the People department in organizations — from driving the conversation on New People Teams to introducing a way to measure the ROI of investing in People.I have a deep understanding of finance from being a derivatives trader on Wall Street. I was also the Founder and CEO of Urban Escapes, which I ultimately sold to Amazon-backed LivingSocial and grew to a $12M business. And in a previous life chapter, I was a pro skydiver with 750 skydives, which has surprisingly taught me the most about being on high-performing teams."

daniel chait greenhouse

Daniel ChaitCEO and Co-Founder of Greenhouse (@dhchait)My session: OPEN Roadshow Keynote"The OPEN Roadshow keynote will explore the massive shift in forces impacting human capital, and how that is creating new opportunities for New People Teams to add orders of magnitude more value. This talk will showcase how People Teams can stop asking $1,000 questions and start asking $100M questions."Who will love OPEN?"Recruiters, People Ops and HR innovators who care about molding really great People practices. Attendees will walk away with ideas, measurement framework and data they can put to use immediately.Our speakers and presenters represent an array of perspectives and company sizes. Recruiters looking to measure ROI, HR managers in need of Onboarding strategies, executives shaping their own People teams will all find actionable value. Plus, attendees can earn SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP credits for participating."Join the learning, leadership, and transformation at #ghOPEN. Register for OPEN New York.

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