Introducing Talent Categories on the Layoff Network

May 28, 2020
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Cait MacBrien
Director of Marketing at Drafted

Job posts are now Talent Categories - a better way to broadcast exactly what you are hiring for on the Drafted network.

Talent Categories make it so you can showcase the roles your hiring for by groups - people on the network can easily see what you are looking for and get in touch. Group your jobs by department or skill with specifics like location, job titles, seniority, and more. Posts will be visible to the thousands of job seekers on the network - easily collect candidates with skill sets you need in one group for vetting.

Job seekers on the hunt for a new gig will see these posts on the Who's Hiring page where they can browse different categories that fit their skills and directly contact recruiters about open jobs.

Recruiters can create a talent category by visiting the My Hiring tab on the network. Greenhouse and Lever customers will soon be able to automatically upload their careers page to easily create Talent Categories by department.

Example of a Talent Category
Example of a Talent Category

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