Hot Coffee, Not Cold Emails: Hiring at Jebbit While Keeping it Human

March 15, 2017
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This post was written by Kaitlyn Kirkaldy of Jebbit, a company focused on high-impact interactive content., and edited for the Drafted blog.

We try to keep it human while hiring at Jebbit. Our platform helps brands have conversations with and learn from their customers, so they can provide value to them. We’re helping these huge brands humanize themselves and build genuine customer relationships, so it’s always on our minds.

Real conversations are at the core of hiring at Jebbit

That means we keep it human in our marketing, and in turn, our recruiting. You won’t find us messaging people to say things like, “join the latest, high-growth, mobile mar-tech startup in the Boston ecosystem.” Instead, you’ll find us grabbing beers and coffees and getting to know people. When we take the time to have conversations, we uncover so much more than that brief LinkedIn message or cold email. We might help brands find out why people buy their products, but in our own recruiting conversations we find out why people tick .As a startup, one bad hire can slow your growth. We spend so much time together, so we want to find people who have vastly different backgrounds but the same curious mindset, interest in learning, and ability to get stuff done – while having a good time.

Image of what you can expect to see on Jebbit's careers page

A more human hiring process

That means we don’t ask if you flip a coin 1000 times but got 560 heads was the coin biased? Instead, we like to get at what motivates people. Why they get out of bed every day. What their ideal team looks like. What they want to become. What they want to learn.We know why we want to talk to people and what we want to talk about. The key is finding them. The best place to start is people in your immediate network. We ask our friends, former coworkers, advisors, and even customers if they know anyone we should be talking to. Often, the ask isn’t even about people looking for a job. It’s about smart people who could give advice, who know the space, and who are eager to learn. You’d be surprised how much we get out of those conversations - and how many hires we end up making as a result.

The next challenge is once you’ve talked to all the great people you know, how do you find more great people? That’s where tools like Drafted can come in to help. When you can expand your network without lifting a finger, you can have even more of those conversations that help you build your team. At the end of the day, we use the philosophy behind our technology in every facet of our business. We have conversations where both parties gain something important that wouldn’t have been uncovered otherwise.

We're still hiring at Jebbit! If you’re interested in having that coffee or beer with us, let us know! We’re always down to chat.

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