Job Descriptions Buzzwords - How Many Do You Need?

January 18, 2021
Cait MacBrien
Director of Marketing at Drafted

Let's talk job descriptions and buzzwords. Job descriptions are one of the first introductions a candidate has to your company. But when was the last time you read (or wrote) a truly unique and inspiring job description? You probably know some job description best practices like include disclaimers, add relevant details, etc. But MANY job descriptions end up being a simple copy-paste job across the web, across companies, and even across entirely different jobs! So how do you write a job description to attract the talent you want? Hint: it's all about the buzzwords (or keywords for you marketing savvy folks).

Here at Drafted, we speak to 100's of recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers on monthly basis. One thing they all had one thing in common: their distaste for the average job descriptions. We set out to get some data, and scraped over 5,000 publicly available job descriptions across sectors from the web. Here are some of the findings that might make you feel better when you're having a bit of writers block.

Job Description Buzzwords and Other Stats

1. On average, jobs contain 5-6 buzzwords, but most tech company descriptions contain over 10.

2. The average length of a job posting is 260 words, but it’s not uncommon to find job postings as long as 350 words, especially from larger tech companies.

3. There is an average of 1 grammatical or spelling error per job description that we have analyzed.

4. Based on some existing social psychology studies that we looked at, job descriptions on average actually tend to be written in a way that can be slightly more appealing to women.

You can leverage these stats to write a better job description and get a leg up on your competition. Note that this is across several industries and job types, and not necessarily reflective of tech or any single sector.

Writing a Better Job Description

Below is a breakdown each of the findings above and how you can leverage them to write job descriptions for your recruiting efforts.

1. Buzzwords: Also know as keywords. You want to pick a handful of keywords that are highly relevant to the position you want to fill or your hiring goals. Pro tip: use a keyword planner tool to get a rough estimate of traffic.

2. Job description length: 260 words is not a lot of real estate to get your point across. Pro tip: keep your job description short, sweet, and too the point - avoid the fluff and keep it real.

3. Grammatical or spelling errors: Proofread, seriously! Pro tip: write it down - walk away and come back to it or have a coworker check your work.

4. Appealing to a wider audience: Only about 50% of the workforce identifies as a woman so if you're only appealing to one gender you're missing out on a significant amount of the population. Pro tip: Use gender neutral terms and check for pronouns.

Job descriptions are more than just buzzwords, they are a insight into your company. So skip the copy-paste generic job description and use these findings to take your recruitment efforts to the next level!

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