How to Leverage Angel Investors and Company Advisors When Hiring

July 1, 2016
Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

It's surprising when you hear a founder say these two things in the same conversation:

  1. We really need help hiring
  2. We don't really ask our angels for much help

If you have angel investors, first - that's awesome. Most great angels are like loyal friends who happened to put some money into your company. It can seem intimidating to ask your angel investors for help with hiring, but like any great friend, they want to help you succeed in any way possible. If you are having doubts along the lines of:

  1. They've invested in your ability to hire a good team and you don't want to shake their belief in you.
  2. You're worried that they might be annoyed with for you asking for operational help.
  3. You don't think they would be good at evaluating hires for your technical team.


Leverage Angel Investors

The reality is that your angel investors are usually:

  1. Experienced in hiring and firing
  2. Good at evaluating people
  3. Good at closing deals (they closed you didn't they?)

If you want to avoid any feelings of doubt when it comes to asking for help from your angel investors, try some of these tactics:

  1. Help With The Close. Get your candidate on the phone with an investor. For a talented candidate who is thinking about joining your company, even 5 minutes on the phone with a notable investor gives your company a ton of credibility and validation. It also demonstrates a culture of transparency and access, and helps them put this career move in perspective.
  2. Ask For Advice on How To Become Better At Hiring. Hiring is the #1 challenge for building any good business. Your angels have been doing it for a lot longer than you. Ask them to teach you to their best tricks.
  3. Ask Them For Referrals. If your company goes under today and you need a job, who would you seek out for advice? That's right, your angels. This means that at any given time, your angels might know amazing people with an entrepreneurial spirit who would fit your culture.

Have you asked angels for other kinds of help when hiring? Leave them in the comments!

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