Hiring Plan: Get Executive Buy-in on Referrals

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While it’s commonly accepted that referrals are one of the best ways to hire new team members, many organizations don’t have a formal process in place to source referrals.

At Drafted, we talk to talent leaders every day, who want to empower their team and community to refer great teammates, but can’t get the organizational support they need. After coaching many talent leaders and providing them with tools and resources to make the case for referrals, we realized we should give these tools away to every talent leader.

Here are the first 3 email templates and the downloadable powerpoint presentation you need to send to your CFO,CEO / Founder, and Hiring Manager(s) in order to get them on board with referrals. Each template explains the why and is completely customizable. Now, go get the greenlight for more referrals!Note: Anywhere you see a [bracket] make sure to personalize with your information.

Talent Leader to CFO

Your CFO cares about financial risk and the bottom line of your business. Share success stories of current referrals and the positive impact they will have to your recruiting budget and employee retention. Once your CFO sees the benefits to the business, she'll be far more likely to help push for a broader process and program to get more referrals from your team and community.


Our team has hired some great referrals this year, including [teammate name] and [teammate name].

Since we’re spending between [$10,000 - $20,000] per hire on staffing firms, I put together this short presentation on why [OUR COMPANY] needs more referrals.

In order to get started, I’d need help from you and the executive team to choose the right types of rewards and tools.

Can you help me get this off the ground?



Talent Leader to CEO / Founder

Your CEO and/or Founder(s) are proud of the team they've built. They probably made many of their first hires through referrals and worked hard to develop a team and culture they believe in. Use this email to appeal to their emotional connection to their team, and of course, share stats about improving the bottom line.


I know how passionate you are about [OUR COMPANY] and how important it is to build a winning team here. With that in mind, I’ve created a plan to help us hire the best team possible through referrals.

In order to get started, I’d need help getting the executive team and hiring managers excited about referrals.

Can I get started?

Thank you,


Talent Leader to Hiring Managers

Talent leaders and hiring managers need to be in lock-step: From the pre-hire meeting through to a team member's first day, their relationship is critical to hiring successfully. But often, these two roles can seem like adversaries instead of business partners. When approaching a hiring manager to ask about getting referrals from their team, make sure you highlight how this will help them hire the best team possible, and how you'll facilitate the process.


I know it’s been challenging to fill roles on your team this year, and I want to help spike your candidate pipeline.

Would you be open to piloting a referral plan with your team? I’m working with the executive team to get a plan off the ground, and having your support would make it a huge success.

I’ve included an email template you could send to your team once we get the green light.



Getting from ‘Yes’ to ‘Go’

Go get started w referrals

With the above email templates and this powerful powerpoint presentation, you're well on your way to getting your team's decision makers bought-in to prioritizing referrals in 2017. Don't assume, however, that you're in the clear. Be sure to bring up your plan in meetings and get a commitment from the teams on which you want to roll it out.Next, you'll need to craft some messaging for team members in each department, and a company-wide roll-out email as well. But we'll save that for next time.

These additional resources may also help on your path to more referrals:

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