Revolutionary Recruiting: How We Won the War

January 24, 2020

“That is the recruiting trade, with all its train, of endless care, fatigue, and endless pain”


If you think your recruiting job is tough today, try having a job in Revolutionary War recruitment back in 1775. In the spirit of the 4th of July, it felt right to explore our history’s roots and see how the Patriots rallied people behind the Patriot cause. Fighting in the Revolutionary War was completely voluntary. A lot of people choose to remain neutral in the fight for freedom. A big part of people in the colonies were “fence-sitters”. The biggest goal of both the British and the Patriots was trying to win their support. If the Patriots could succeed in selling their ideas of revolution to the public, then popular support might follow and the British would be doomed.In hindsight, the choice to separate ourselves from England and form our own country seems like an obvious one. However, for many Colonists, the decision between being a Patriot or a Loyalist was not obvious or easy. Committees of Correspondence persuaded many fence-sitters to join the Patriot cause. Writings such as Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" stirred newfound American nationalism and rallied people to join the cause.In order to get people to join the army, promises were made (and often not kept). The army promised a “complete suit of uniform clothing, comfortable barracks, good provisions, and everything necessary to the health and comfort of the Soldiers”. These promises were hard to keep due to the lack of money later on in the war. However, success on the battlefield drove a lot more recruitment after the money started drying up. The victories at Trenton and Princeton, not only helped boost the morale of the American army and encourage recruitment, but also impressed the French who were deciding their involvement in the war (spoiler alert: they helped us win).The best thing that helped recruiting was for the potential recruits to meet the commanding Officer. One Officer wrote, “to see the persons who were to command them, and above all, the captain, was deemed of vast importance by those inclining to enlist: for this reason I found it necessary, in common with my brother officers, to put my feelings most cruelly to the rack.”Eventually we won the war and became the great nation we are today, but not without the blood sweat and tears of the Patriot recruiting team. So, if you ever feel undervalued in your position, just remember that the United States of America was built on the backs of people just like you.

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