Learn to set your talent KPIs from top HR execs at Segment and Datadog

January 24, 2020
Aubrie Przybysz
Marketing at Drafted

Set the date: learn tips and tricks for effective KPIs from these talent leaders in Openview’s upcoming webinar

Spots are limited – Register here. On April 19th, Openview Venture Partners will be hosting a webinar called The Process of People: Determining the Right Talent KPIs.The panel will be moderated by Vinayak Ranade, our CEO and founder here at Drafted, and feature two talent leaders in the tech space.

The featured speakers:

Adriana Roche Segment

Adriana Roche is the VP of HR at Segment, a San Francisco-based customer data platform which recently raised $27M in its Series B round of funding. Adriana is leading the charge on   making HR a tactical business partner to smoothly achieve ambitious growth goals.

Richard Fye Datadog

Richard Fye is Datadog’s Head of People Operations. Datadog is a Boston-based industry leader in infrastructure monitoring that has been covered in both Forbes and Fortune and has been lauded as rewriting the cloud monitoring industry.

Metrics matter

The panel will discuss how to set the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your team.Regardless of size or growth goals, HR leaders should be using data-driven metrics to measure team success. Comparing performance against these metrics can helps heads of HR get a clear idea of where their team is – and where it should go. Setting the right KPIs can help talent leaders know what positions to fill, and when; and help teams set, track, and achieve bigger goals.Vinayak, Adriana, and Richard will go through the value of KPIs, which metrics to look at, and how to effectively implement them smoothly. The interactive panel will give HR leaders clear and tangible insights and tips for transitioning to a smarter, more data-driven culture and supercharging your hiring process. – The webinar will be hosted on Openview’s website on Wednesday, April 19th at 1pm EST. The number of seats are limited, so be sure to register soon to save your spot.

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