Slack Referral Forms by Drafted

Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

We're excited to tell you about v2 of the Draftedbot in Slack, using the new Slack Forms API. You can check it out on Product Hunt, LinkedIn, the Slack Appstore, or sign up to try it on Drafted.

  1. Get suggestions about who they should refer for which job at what time
  2. Be able to make a complete referral without leaving Slack (via Slack forms)
  3. Have that information travel straight into the ATS (e.g Greenhouse, Lever)
  4. Get weekly reports about how their referral program is doing

We are changing the way companies think about hiring through referral programs - from being just a reactive referral bonus announcement, to being proactive where you can engage every employee in a personalized, timely, and targeted way.

Have any suggestions for what we should add to the Slack app next? Let us know in the comments or in live chat!

About Drafted

At Drafted, we believe that your company network is your single biggest competitive advantage when it comes to hiring. Our mission is to make it easy for you to leverage your network in the hiring process to find the best candidates. Your network is already powerful, it’s just too much work to make it a priority over the day-to-day of recruiting. Companies that use Drafted see their employee referral numbers go up by 2x, their time to hire drop by 30% and their overall hiring efficiency increase significantly within just a few months.