Supporting Temporary Visa Workers During COVID-19

Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

What’s more stressful than being laid off? Being laid off and the threat of deportation in a world where you can’t even travel internationally.

Today we’re announcing product support specifically for employees on a temporary work visa, and a partnership with Bridge to provide employers a modern approach to navigating the immigration process.

Product Updates

  1. If you’re looking for a job on the Drafted Network, you can specify that you’re on a work visa.
  2. If you’re an employer, you can specify that you’ll support visa sponsorship in your profile.
  3. Drafted will help surface direct connections based on these opt-ins, with no intro required.

Product Updates

Drafted + Bridge Partnership

As part of this initiative, we’re partnering with Bridge, a business immigration provider on an initiative called Next Act to specifically help job seekers who are on a temporary work visa (e.g H1-B, F-1, etc).

Bridge has long championed smarter immigration for the modern workforce. When COVID-19 hit, Bridge recognized that layoffs would jeopardize the immigration status of tens of thousands of international employees and started Next Act to help this community.

What does this mean for Next Act participants?

  • When you join Bridge Next Act, you’ll also be featured to employers on the Drafted Network. They’ll be able to see that you are on a tight timeline and act accordingly.
  • You’ll be able to automatically access and control your profile and visibility on Drafted using the information you submitted on Bridge.

What does this mean for employers on Drafted?

  • If you’re already a Bridge customer, let us know and we’ll automatically mark you as supporting temporary visas on the network.
  • If you’re not already a Bridge customer but you’re using Drafted, you can get an exclusive offer from Bridge to help you manage your immigration program here.

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