Talent/HR Conferences Canceled or Moved Due to COVID-19

March 9, 2020
Cait MacBrien
Director of Marketing at Drafted

The COVID-19 outbreak is hitting the conference scene hard. From tech to social and even music festivals - everyone is closing up shop as the virus continues to spread. We’re keeping a close eye on the impact this is having on talent and HR conferences - check back here for the latest updates.

If you have conference cancellation and update we missed - add it here!

Canceled or Postponed for March: 

SIA’s Executive Forum

When: March 9-12, 2020

Where: Miami Beach, FL

Theme: This conference includes sessions for refining executive search strategies led by CEOs, senior executives, industry experts, and professional speakers.

What’s happening: It is currently canceled - their team is working on a virtual event for next week. Stay tuned.

Avature 2020 US Conference

When: March 16, 2020

Where: Miami, FL

Theme: Network with peers on strategy and technology to meet your 2020 goals. Hear from the smartest leaders and practitioners on how they are leveraging technology to tackle some of the biggest talent challenges.

What’s happening: Postponed to another date.

HRD Summit US

When: March 18-19, 2020

Where: Boston, MA

Theme: For senior HR and business leaders to connect and learn about best practices for a changing workforce. Meet other business leaders through sessions unique to share developments in cutting-edge infrastructure and sustainable development.

What's Happening: Rescheduled to October 26 - 27, 2020

HR Transform

When: March 23-25, 2020

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Theme: Learn more about sourcing candidates, hiring, recruitment tools, learning and development platforms and the candidate experience all while networking with HR professionals, entrepreneurs and talent acquisition experts.

What’s Happening: Postponed to another date 


When: March 23 - 25, 2020

Where: Seattle, WA

Theme: Recruiters and sourcers interested in learning more about open-source sourcing. The format includes networking opportunities, speakers and breakout sessions.

What’s Happening: SourceCon is going digital. They will be live streaming speakers with interactive Q&As. Everyone will be given a free license to SourceCon Academy. For more information visit the official website

I4cp Next Practices Now

When: March 23-26, 2020

Where: Scottsdale, AZ

Theme: Focused on cutting-edge practices and approached to human capital for senior HR, talent, and learning leaders.

What's Happening: Rescheduled to September 17 - 20, 2020

Still On for March: 

HR West 2020

When: March, 9-11,2020

Where: Oakland, CA

Theme: Throughout sessions, HR West Conference tackles tough HR topics, includes diverse approaches and schools of thought for pain points while fostering forward-thinking dialogue. Conference presenters help you achieve your HR goals by providing industry insights, tools & resources, as well as the latest workplace research.

Talent Interactive

When: March 13, 2020

Where: Austin, TX

Theme: Everything from employer branding to ATS, job board strategy, sourcing with AI, employer review sites, inbound recruiting and more.


When: March 19 - 20, 2020

Where: New York, NY

Theme: TALENT 2020 brings together a remarkable group of leaders sharing insights around our themes of AI, the new nature of work, and leadership in the talent journey.

2020 People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference

When: March 23-25, 2020

Where: Miami, FL 

Theme: Learn how to integrate your people strategy with your business strategy from a hand-picked group of thought leaders, practitioners, and experts. Get peer-to-peer networking, workshops and hands-on practice to support your people analytics initiatives across the talent lifecycle. Develop, adapt and execute workforce plans when your environment is constantly changing.

Talent Acquisition Exchange

When: March 25-27, 2020

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Theme: Learn how to attract Gen Z candidates, assess candidate skills and reduce turnover. Hear from experts on how to conquer the challenges of the current labor pool with panels, case studies and more.

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