The Layoff Network by Drafted

April 6, 2020
Vinayak Ranade
CEO at Drafted

A Note from the CEO Vinayak Ranade About The Layoff Network

We started the Layoff List project almost a year ago, with Olivia Clark leading the charge - when COVID-19 hit, we got a 2000% spike in traffic and dozens of companies going through layoffs started emailing us spreadsheets of their departing employees asking if we could help.

It was almost immediately clear that a mailing list and spreadsheets were not going to be enough for the scale of what is happening. Everyone has to be working on this together.

I’m proud to announce the launch of Layoff Network on our homepage today - a way for everyone to help those affected by layoffs, no matter where you are or what the scale. 

How it works

  1. Anyone - companies or individuals, can nominate their colleagues being laid off
  2. Companies that are still hiring get a live feed of nominations with search and filters
  3. Job seekers can get connected to companies via introductions through the network

We’ve launched it for free. No strings attached, and we already have over 100 companies that are still hiring who want to get introduced to you.

How it works

This is just the beginning - we’ll be adding more features to help investors helping their portfolio companies, tools for companies that need to conduct high volume layoffs at scale which can significantly reduce their costs.

Most importantly, we’re building this with privacy in mind - so that you don’t get spammed and that can stay in control of your information. 

What this means for current Drafted customers and users

You’ll be able to use your existing Drafted credentials to log in to the new Layoff Network. You’ll notice some changes on our home page.

You’ll be able to login to your Drafted team account for sourcing and referrals by clicking on “Already a customer” when you click Log In.

Home screen of Drafted app for customer log in.
Home Screen for Customer Login

If you have both a Layoff Network account and a Drafted Teams account, we’ll be adding a way to switch between them on your account profile page in Drafted.

Rest assured, the Drafted network recruiting and employee referrals products will continue to get better and you can continue to use all features.

For companies going through layoffs

If you’re a company going through layoffs, contact us for help. The company layoffs product will be automatically included in your subscription if you are already a customer. If you are not a current Drafted customer, you can submit to our Layoff List for free and can get our premium layoffs product for a small price. We’re making our premium offering free for small businesses and startups during this time.

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