Announcing Our Partnership with Workable ATS

February 20, 2018
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Aubrie Przybysz
Marketing at Drafted
"If I got right then you might like it
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- Rhianna, Werk

PS: We’re also on Product Hunt today - we’d appreciate any love :)

Workable is an ATS and like Drafted, is a truly ambitious company, so it was a no-brainer to work together where our ambitions align.

When we spoke with customers that used Workable - the alignment was obvious. Workable is the all-in-one solution for sourcing and managing candidates, and Drafted is the all-in-one solution for referrals.

Where Drafted and Workable ATS meet

It makes a lot of sense – Workable is an ATS where you manage your jobs and candidates, and where all your sources funnel into. Drafted helps you get more referrals, which keeps your Workable candidate pipeline full. The Drafted + Workable ATS integration automatically:

  1. Syncs new public jobs from Workable ATS into Drafted
  2. Syncs new referrals and candidates from Drafted into Workable ATS
  3. If your team uses Slack, syncs referrals made in Slack right into Workable ATS
Image of how to sync jobs from Workable ATS into Drafted
Image of how referrals from Drafted flow into Workable ATS
Image of talent acquisition professionals talking about using Workable ATS and Drafted

No more double-posting or copy-pasting. Even better, if you’re using Workable ATS and Slack, your employees can make referrals in Slack and you can review them in Workable, with Drafted handling intelligence seamlessly in between.

Get integrated with Workable ATS

If you’re already using Workable ATS and Drafted, find out more about activating the integration. If you’ve yet to try Drafted, find out more.

Not using an applicant tracking system yet – or (perhaps worse) using one that your team just refuses to engage with? Get a demo to see the Workable ATS leverages an intuitive interface and mobile app to encourage teams to take action.

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