The Drafted Slack Bot is the best place to make referrals and keep employee engagement at an all-time high.

People like to use Slack to quickly make a referral. Included in the Slack referral form are options for how the referrer would like the talent team to reach out to the referral.

Referral Form

We added a new option for those who want to reach out to their friend first. Recruiter ok to reach out? 

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Referral Reminder Workflow

After selecting the “No, I am contacting this candidate” option, the Drafted Bot will trigger a reminder workflow.

Two weeks later Drafted Bot will send a referral reminder message about that particular referral.


The referrer will be able to choose from three different options. Is your referral:

  1. Ready for recruiting
  2. Check back later
  3. They’re not interested

If “ready for recruiting” or “they’re not interested” are selected the talent team will be sent a notification. But if “check back later” is chosen, Drafted Bot will follow up again next week.

Learn more about what Drafted Bot can do for referrals and employee engagement.


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