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Does Drafted feel better, faster, stronger? That’s because it is. There are new improvements everywhere you turn.

Simpler sign-up for teams joining Drafted

Just 2-clicks and you’re in.

New weekly referral suggestions email

To increase engagement from your team and get you more referrals, we revamped the weekly referral suggestions email. Every week your team will receive 4-6 great potential referrals from Drafted that they can refer right from their email.

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There’s also updates to our Slack bot’s referral suggestions message. Drafted Slack Bot will DM you a different suggested referral everytime it messages you.


Updated referral form with new questions

As a recruiter, the more information you can be equipped with about a referral the better. We added questions to help you decide how to contact the referred candidate. Are you ok with a recruiter reaching out directly? and Does X know about the referral?

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Updated team page to manage and invite more members

There’s a search bar now! Want to check in on someone you invited to make sure they joined? You can search them by name. We’ve also added a tab at the top to send invites. The more team members on Drafted the merrier.

Learn more about Drafted’s features and start hiring more through intelligent referrals.

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