Hiring Success SmartRecruiters Conference

SmartRecruiter’s Hiring Success ‘17 conference is just around the corner

Hiring Success SmartRecruiters Conference

Over the course of three days, HR and talent executives and innovators from across the globe will come together in San Francisco’s Grand Hyatt Hotel to meet, learn, and discuss the future of hiring.

Featuring a lineup of high-profile speakers, team exercises, and an array of accommodations and resources to help upgrade your hiring game, the conference is a huge learning opportunity.

Here are 3 events from big names in HR that you can’t miss:

1. What’s changing for recruiters – the future of Talent Acquisition

The events will kick off with a panel of distinguished analysts and two top execs looking at how the industry is going to change in the next few years.

Visa SmartRecruiters Hiring Success Conference

When: Tuesday April 11, 9am PT  •  Where: Grand Hyatt Main Stage

Who:  Jerome Ternynck, Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters •  Michael Ross, EVP of HR at VISA  • a featured team of elite industry analysts

2. Closing the gender gap at all ranks of business

An all-star team of women in tech will be leading a discussion on gender inequality in all aspects of business – a must-see, especially in the context of current nows.

Gender Gap Intel Paypal Google Smartrecruiters Hiring Success

When: Wednesday April 12, 2:15pm PT  •   Where: Grand Hyatt Breakout Room

Who:  Coco Brown, founder of Athena Alliance  •  Jan Becker, SVP of HR at Autodesk  •  Patricia McDonald, VP of HR at Intel  •  Marcia Morales-Jaffe, Chief People Officer at Paypal  •  Gina Rudan, Head of Culture at X (Alphabet Inc)  •  Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Atlassian.

3. The evolution of sourcing – Beyond LinkedIn Recruiter

A four-person panel will discuss the evolution of talent sourcing – and how to upgrade your candidate pool.

Drafted Entelo Sourcing Beyond LinkedIn Recruiter

When: Tuesday April 11, 4pm PT  •  Where: Grand Hyatt Breakout Room

Who: John Bischke, CEO at Entelo  •  Vitaly Obernikhin, CEO at Amazing Hiring  •  Bill Boorman, HR tech advisor  •  and Drafted’s own CEO and founder, Vinayak Ranade.

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With over 50 speakers and 500 attendees, we hope to run into you at the event!

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