Anne Wojcicki co-founder and CEO of 23andMe 23andMe is a “take home” personalized DNA kit and recently became the first FDA-approved DNA testing service of its kind. Wojcicki is working to create a shared genome database that could someday become a search engine for the human body. With over a million customers, 23andMe is giving consumers more control over their well-being and genetic code. Anne was also recently named the “most daring CEO in the US” by Fast Company.   2. Marne Levine Chief Operating Officer at Instagram You know and love (or hate) Instagram. Marne Levine handles the scaling of the company’s business and operations globally. Before she joined Instagram, she worked at Facebook where she did things like educate governments[…]

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In a candidate’s market, even the best companies need a strong employment brand to win the war for talent. Just as a product brand is defined by the customer experience, your employment brand is defined by the employee experience at your company.  How To Create A Better Employment Brand Most visitors to your website may not be actively looking for a job but would be open to new opportunities. A great employment brand works in the background to keep the career opportunities at your company top of mind for all visitors, slowly converting them from visitors to candidates or referrers. Do they come away feeling positive or neutral about your company? Can they easily find good reviews from your current employees online? If someone walked into a[…]


Yesterday, we posted an article with our predictions for the top companies to be honored as the “Boston’s Best Places To Work”. To make a long story short, we didn’t exactly get all the right answers (shoutout to the CarGurus guys, we should have consulted with you guys first). However, we still stand by our answers. In light of our wrong predictions, we decided to highlight some companies who may have not been honored last night, but we think are still great places to work. Lola Travel: They’re a new kind of travel company that provides on-demand, personal travel service through a smartphone app. The Lola app instantly connects people to their team of travel consultants who find hotels, research[…]


This evening, the Boston Business Journal will honor the best businesses in Boston with the title of “The Best Places to Work in Boston”. Here at Drafted, we decided to try our luck at picking a few companies we think are going to top the list in their categories. There are a lot of great companies featured on the list already released, and it was a difficult decision. It required a lot of late nights, tie breaker rounds of rock, paper, scissors, and one or two fist fights. However, we finally reached a consensus on who would take home the crown this year. Check out who we think are going to top the list this year below and see which[…]


Few things make us happier than learning and growing with our customers. We strongly believe  that spending time with our customers is the best way for us to feel their pain and understand their needs. I’m excited to share that we’re stepping up our relationship with our beta customers. In fact, we’re moving in with them. Several of our current and future partners are at WeWork Boston, so we decided to take the plunge as we graduated from Blade (thanks for all the fish, btw). At Drafted, we rethink everything – not just our industry and products, but also how to be a company – it’s one of the great luxuries of being a startup. Many companies think of office[…]