Social media recruiting is one of the most popular ways to get candidates to notice you. Say what you want about social media, but you have to admit that it’s significantly changed the way the way we interact with each other, and how we do things. We now spend more than 490 minutes of our day (over 8 hours) consuming Internet media, according to a 2015 study by ZenithOptimedia. Chances are, you found this blog post through a social media channel. Today marks the seventh annual “International Social Media Day” and in honor of our ever-changing internet landscape, we decided to take a look at how social media recruiting has evolved over time and why it’s important to make sure[…]


Yesterday, we posted an article with our predictions for the top companies to be honored as the “Boston’s Best Places To Work”. To make a long story short, we didn’t exactly get all the right answers (shoutout to the CarGurus guys, we should have consulted with you guys first). However, we still stand by our answers. In light of our wrong predictions, we decided to highlight some companies who may have not been honored last night, but we think are still great places to work. Lola Travel: They’re a new kind of travel company that provides on-demand, personal travel service through a smartphone app. The Lola app instantly connects people to their team of travel consultants who find hotels, research[…]


This evening, the Boston Business Journal will honor the best businesses in Boston with the title of “The Best Places to Work in Boston”. Here at Drafted, we decided to try our luck at picking a few companies we think are going to top the list in their categories. There are a lot of great companies featured on the list already released, and it was a difficult decision. It required a lot of late nights, tie breaker rounds of rock, paper, scissors, and one or two fist fights. However, we finally reached a consensus on who would take home the crown this year. Check out who we think are going to top the list this year below and see which[…]