Here’s the open secret. Every viral brand ever started off by catering to a very specific set of super-evangelists, whether they realized it at the time or not. Apple didn’t become a viral brand because of their 1984 SuperBowl ad. First, they had to focus on the die-hard computer enthusiasts. Everything you now associate with Apple only exists because of its success with those early adopters — the super-evangelists. Employer brands are different though. There’s a reason you probably wouldn’t take out a SuperBowl ad seeking job applicants. It’s because your employer brand is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It already exists, regardless of how much you’ve invested in it. Your employer brand isn’t built through: Promotional ads A beautifully designed[…]

big cartel

Big Cartel – a big family with a mission The mission statement that headlines Big Cartel’s career page is concise: “We help artists make a living doing what they love” The company is dedicated to giving artists successful ecommerce outlets by letting artists set up their own online shops to sell their work. Big Cartel arms its clients – a wide community of over a million artists and creators – with robust retail tools and sleek website design capabilities to create their unique digital space. Part of what makes the company so successful, and compelling, is the creative, individualistic culture that reflects the community they serve. The crossroads of culture & community Richard Laing joined Big Cartel in 2015 as Director of Community,[…]


We’ve been learning a ton from our beta partners and thinking hard about how we can serve them better. We started as a mobile-first company, where hiring managers could post a job in 60 seconds right from their iOS or Android device. A lot of our customers asked, “Why can’t I do this on my desktop?”. Good question. We designed an employer dashboard from the ground up for even more convenient rewards and job management for hiring managers. Some of our customers asked – “How can I get insights into activity related to my job postings?” Good question. The new employer dashboard to has powerful community insights – you can see how many views your different jobs are getting, how[…]