hiring stories that will make you reconsider non-traditional candidates

Recruiting is about building strong teams of driven people – and qualifications can’t always determine that Oprah Winfrey grew up poor and was an unproven radio host when she was hired at age 19 to do evening news. But her unusual, emotional, ad-lib delivery prompted the higher ups to switch her over to daytime talk shows – and now she’s, well, Oprah. Nirvana was unknown grunge band from Seattle who released their second album with low expectations, but “Smells Like Teen Spirit” caught the attention of several radio DJ’s and the song hit #6 on the singles chart. It skyrocketed Nirvana – as well as alternative rock as a genre – to mainstream success. Underdogs can become an industry game-changers, just because[…]


Drafted Joins Techstars Perks – Extends 50% Discount to Founders & Alumni Hiring starts on day one. A single great or bad hire has the potential to make or break your company. As a growing startup ourselves, we know that the problems only get harder as you grow. And while Drafted is already completely free for startups under 10 people, today, we’re announcing a perk that Techstars companies can benefit from as they grow: 50% discount on Drafted for Techstars companies* We ❤ Techstars companies. And our brand colors combine to make a nice gradient. Last week a startup just like yours found their next hire within 30 minutes of trying Drafted. And it cost them… nothing. $0. Zero. You can get[…]

Missing your sales hiring target

As a sales leader, you have many responsibilities: Hiring, ramping, reporting, forecasting, and training are some of the many. But the one responsibility that trumps all others is hitting your number. So, what if your 2017 sales force planning, already has you missing your revenue target this year? Why sales headcount might keep you from hitting your number. What many sales leaders may not account for is the need to over-hire in the beginning of their fiscal year (often January / February), in order to provide enough coverage to hit revenue targets. Here’s why: Sales rep ramp time & training. All sales reps, no matter how experienced, need time to learn your product, sales process, and market. In fact, most companies allow[…]


This post was originally written by Amy Spurling, and featured on LinkedIn. I once hired a candidate for my team and unbeknownst to me, my CEO was friends with the candidate’s CEO. My CEO had no idea I was hiring this candidate (he wouldn’t have been involved in hiring someone junior to my team) and the other CEO and I were not friends. Despite this, a shit storm ensued where the CEOs had several heated conversations about what was and was not appropriate w/r/t hiring from their companies. This begs the question – what are the (unwritten) rules about hiring from a friend’s company? Conventional wisdom is that it is a dbag thing to do. In “The Hard Thing About Hard[…]


  Good companies make their customers happy. Great companies make their customers better. Enter: Greenhouse Software. Greenhouse makes customers happy with tools that help them source, interview, hire and onboard better. Unlike the rigid world of incumbent applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HR software giants, Greenhouse tools work for your team, not the other way around. But Greenhouse also strives to make their customers better by including them in a movement that is changing how companies hire. They embody this movement with their OPEN customer summit, which brings fellow customers together with thought leaders to inspire, teach, and share stories about growing great teams. This fall, they’re taking the event on the road for their 3-city OPEN Roadshow. First stop:[…]


BDRs: Setting the sales stage. Successfully recruiting new business development reps (BDRs) can be quite the challenge. BDRs might be easier to hire than engineers, but it’s extremely difficult to predict their success. Don’t be fooled, though: Hiring the right BDR candidates is a crucial component to your sales team’s long-term success. BDRs often shape the culture of your sales team and are responsible for generating the pipeline that your quota-carrying reps need. That’s a lot of responsibility! Not to mention, if all goes to plan these hires will be on the front lines some time over the next 15-24 months. Now, factor in that these crucial hires often have less than 2 years experience in the real world. Scary[…]


Lola Travel: At a glance Lola travel is a trip planning iPhone app that provides users with a virtual travel assistant. In just six months, Lola used the Drafted referral network to: Hire 10 employees in under 6 months, including: 4 Software Engineers 4 Travel Consultants 1 Product Manager 1 Technical Recruiter Save $70,000 Reduce hiring time by 50% Lola’s hiring story Lola Travel is on the rise. Founded by former Kayak CTO, Paul English, Lola is revolutionizing the $150B offline travel industry. Lola makes it easy to plan trips using a handy mobile app with a direct line to travel experts. App users communicate with virtual travel assistants who can book every part of your trip: Hotels, flights, events… you name[…]


We’re firm believers that you’re only as great as the team you choose to work by your side. So, when we sat down with ReadyTalk HR Administrator, Meghan DeAngelis, we were impressed by the great and diverse team they’re building, with key initiatives like their Ready to Work program. While tech companies aren’t shy to admit that there is a diversity problem in tech, most teams don’t know how to solve it. DeAngelis opened up to Drafted about the launch of Ready to Work, and their efforts to give a diverse set of candidates —including those who have left the workforce for at least 2 years— a chance to contribute to their team and culture. Drafted: Tell us a little about[…]


Hiring for the hardest jobs to fill often feels like the hardest job. If your team is looking for candidates with titles like “Data Scientist” or “Software Engineer” you are not alone in your struggle to find great employees. These candidates are unicorns in today’s hiring market. So how can you actually hire for the hardest jobs to fill? While recruiting and hiring can often feel like a lot of hand-to-hand combat without much time for reflection, taking time to understand the jobs that you’re hiring for (and establishing a repeatable hiring process) can put you steps ahead of the competition when it comes to making critical hires. Take 2 easy first steps: Understand which are the hardest jobs to fill on your[…]

Steve jobs hiring quote

Hiring amazing teams takes hard work, and sometimes you need a little motivation to get out there find the right people. Here are 5 no-nonsense quotes from famous “hiring managers” that will get you amped to go build your next great team. “You need to have a collaborative hiring process.” – Steve Jobs Click To Tweet “What you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” – Oprah Click To Tweet “People make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney Click To Tweet “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair Click To Tweet “Time spent on hiring is time well spent.” –[…]