Guest Post: Getting poached sounds like just another cost of doing business, until it happens to you. My company, a video platform for businesses based in Kitchener, Ontario, was raided by poachers after a new company moved into the region. I soon heard through the grapevine that if their HR department discovered a potential recruit had already received an offer from us, they’d automatically make one of their own with an incremental signing bonus. In other words, they were essentially using us to do their employee vetting for them.


This post was originally written by Amy Spurling, and featured on LinkedIn. I once hired a candidate for my team and unbeknownst to me, my CEO was friends with the candidate’s CEO. My CEO had no idea I was hiring this candidate (he wouldn’t have been involved in hiring someone junior to my team) and the other CEO and I were not friends. Despite this, a shit storm ensued where the CEOs had several heated conversations about what was and was not appropriate w/r/t hiring from their companies. This begs the question – what are the (unwritten) rules about hiring from a friend’s company? Conventional wisdom is that it is a dbag thing to do. In “The Hard Thing About Hard[…]