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The Candidates page for managers and recruiters just got an upgrade – Stages! Quickly switch between tabs to find candidates who’ve been referred, applied directly, or already contacted. See more information about your referral up front, like who referred them and the date they were referred. And never contact the same candidate twice. Stay up-to-date on who’s been contacted and when. Manage your referral pipeline like a pro and save time digging around Drafted to find information about your referrals.  


We are serious about giving you what you want. Based on your product feedback, we just released a redux of suggested referrals and matches, that allow you much more control over how, when, and to whom you refer. Thanks especially to our customer Segment for early feedback on these features. improve your matches by telling drafted when it’s wrong And you can also tell us exactly what we got wrong, so that Drafted improves automagically! Leave a private note for the hiring manager Sometimes you just want to add context for a referral you’re making. E.g “Gary is really good but I’m not sure if he’s looking for a job” E.g “Sarah seems unhappy in her current gig and values a better[…]