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It’s a match! For both parties involved, the hiring process is a little bit like dating. It’s confusing, and often you don’t know where to look for the right opportunity. You usually dress a little nicer than usual for first dates and interviews, and both sometimes end in rejection. You usually go on a few crummy ones before you find a good match. Here at Drafted, we’re professional matchmakers. We believe the connections between people are one of the most effective forces in creating and maintaining strong teams. So before you swipe right, let us give you a couple tips on how to make sparks fly with your next hire: Don’t go on blind dates – get referrals from friends Getting[…]


Creativity, diversity & inclusion – the key ingredients to Patreon’s success Patreon has helped creators and artists earn more than $100 million – and it was only started in 2013. The secret? Patreon is a company comprised of passionate, creative people. They’re a team dedicated to funding the emerging creative class, because they are the creative class. As a company, they’re also deeply committed to core behaviors, values and inclusivity. By creators, for creators Patreon helps creators earn a sustainable income, and make a living from their work without having to be a mass-marketed, commercially-known artist. Artists and creators, however, aren’t just Patreon’s clients, they make up the Patreon team itself. Almost everyone working there has an artistic hobby. Daily jam sessions are quite[…]

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People, process and preparing to scale In the beginning of 2016, Branch was at a team-building crossroads: The deep-linking platform for the world’s top brands had to hit lofty hiring goals in order to support their growing list of 10,000+ customers (including Drafted). They needed to scale from 40 teammates to 90, they were relying heavily on staffing agencies to fill open jobs, and they were about to hire an in-office talent acquisition team to reduce their agency dependency and transform hiring. It was at this time that Monica Cuyong joined Branch as a technical recruiter and team lead. Along with her teammate Viviana De La Torre, they would find alternative sources of qualified candidates and scale the team by 50[…]


If you’ve ever considered building a referral program to help you find and hire your best team members, you  know that there are lots of variables to consider: Should we provide rewards for hired referrals? What types of rewards align with our corporate culture and budget? Should we extend our program outside of our team? … to name a few. The #1 question we get asked at Drafted is: “What’s the best type of referral program for my company?” While we love to provide guidance on the most effective ways to drive referrals, the truth is that the ideal referral program for AirBnB is almost certainly different than the ideal referral program at Lola Travel. The best referral program for your team needs[…]

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Recruiting is about building strong teams of driven people – and qualifications can’t always determine that Oprah Winfrey grew up poor and was an unproven radio host when she was hired at age 19 to do evening news. But her unusual, emotional, ad-lib delivery prompted the higher ups to switch her over to daytime talk shows – and now she’s, well, Oprah. Nirvana was unknown grunge band from Seattle who released their second album with low expectations, but “Smells Like Teen Spirit” caught the attention of several radio DJ’s and the song hit #6 on the singles chart. It skyrocketed Nirvana – as well as alternative rock as a genre – to mainstream success. Underdogs can become an industry game-changers, just because[…]


Drafted Joins Techstars Perks – Extends 50% Discount to Founders & Alumni Hiring starts on day one. A single great or bad hire has the potential to make or break your company. As a growing startup ourselves, we know that the problems only get harder as you grow. And while Drafted is already completely free for startups under 10 people, today, we’re announcing a perk that Techstars companies can benefit from as they grow: 50% discount on Drafted for Techstars companies* We ❤ Techstars companies. And our brand colors combine to make a nice gradient. Last week a startup just like yours found their next hire within 30 minutes of trying Drafted. And it cost them… nothing. $0. Zero. You can get[…]


The beginning of a New Year is a great time to set your intentions and plan for a successful year. It’s also a great time for predicting what’s to come, and in the talent acquisition and HR space, there’s no shortage of opinions about the biggest 2017 talent acquisition predictions. Instead of coming up with our own hairbrained predictions, we crawled through 100’s of predictions from talent acquisition and HR thought leaders, and found our favorites. They embody the excitement that we have for talent acquisition and HR in 2017, our hope that technology will make recruiters’ lives better (and not eat their jobs), and that hiring (and workplaces in general) will become a more inclusive endeavor. #1 2017 #TA Prediction:[…]


5 terrifying ways you’re spooking away candidates #hiring #talent Click To Tweet Spiders. Ghouls. Zombies. Poorly personalized InMails. While Halloween is a time to delight in fright, there’s nothing more terrifying to a People Team than spooking away the perfect candidate. This Halloween, while you’re pushing to fill your 2016 headcount, make sure your teammates aren’t scaring off the warm, delicious bodies… er candidates… you’re bringing in for interviews. Here are the 5 ways you’re spooking away candidates.   1. You’re sending Zombie InMails. There’s no worse turn-off than a poorly researched, poorly executed InMail to a candidate.  If your recruiter is sending cold outreached that could have been penned by the walking dead, you’re likely missing out on 100s[…]


This post was originally written by Amy Spurling, and featured on LinkedIn. I once hired a candidate for my team and unbeknownst to me, my CEO was friends with the candidate’s CEO. My CEO had no idea I was hiring this candidate (he wouldn’t have been involved in hiring someone junior to my team) and the other CEO and I were not friends. Despite this, a shit storm ensued where the CEOs had several heated conversations about what was and was not appropriate w/r/t hiring from their companies. This begs the question – what are the (unwritten) rules about hiring from a friend’s company? Conventional wisdom is that it is a dbag thing to do. In “The Hard Thing About Hard[…]


[This is a guest post by Elias Torres, CTO and Founder of Drift. See the original on his blog.] The hardest challenge you’ll face when hiring engineers isn’t deciding which questions to ask or which interview process to follow. It’s learning how to take risks on people and working alongside them to accomplish the big mission. It hasn’t failed me so far. Smaller companies and startups really have the advantage here, because they can improvise more in their hiring practices than recruiters at larger companies can. By their very nature, larger companies tend to avoid taking risks on people. They’ll focus instead on trying to find that elusive “proven” individual — somebody who already knows everything about mobile development or[…]