When it comes to hiring, timing is everything. How many stories have you heard about the right person getting hired because they were in the right place at the right time? Or even more common, the right person was referred at the right time. Finding and sending referrals isn’t always the clearest and easiest process for people. And the only way to start getting a consistent flow of referrals is by making the process as easy as possible. Follow these 3 steps to simplify your referral hiring.


Lola Travel: At a glance Lola travel is a trip planning iPhone app that provides users with a virtual travel assistant. In just six months, Lola used the Drafted referral network to: Hire 10 employees in under 6 months, including: 4 Software Engineers 4 Travel Consultants 1 Product Manager 1 Technical Recruiter Save $70,000 Reduce hiring time by 50% Lola’s hiring story Lola Travel is on the rise. Founded by former Kayak CTO, Paul English, Lola is revolutionizing the $150B offline travel industry. Lola makes it easy to plan trips using a handy mobile app with a direct line to travel experts. App users communicate with virtual travel assistants who can book every part of your trip: Hotels, flights, events… you name[…]


A referral, in its simplest form, is when one person directs another person to a service or business. While the concept of a referral is easy to understand, most people don’t realize the benefits a good referral can have on everyone involved. Here’s an example: Alex, Drafted’s head of sales, and I both love a good slice of pizza. If I tell Alex about an awesome pizza place and he gets a great slice there, who benefits? While many of us are inclined to say “one”, because the pizza place just doubled its profit without doing anything, in reality all three parties benefit. The pizza place gets a new customer at no cost Alex eats a great slice of pizza I become a “trusted authority” on good slices of[…]


Celebrities and mere mortals alike have been sharing their #FirstSevenJobs on social media over the past week. The trend began after an Alaskan songwriter asked her fans what their first seven jobs were to drum up some inspiration for a song. Celebrities like Steven Colbert and Buzz Aldrin have shared how their careers started. Colbert #firstsevenjobs construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, futon salesman, waiter — Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) August 7, 2016 Aldrin #firstsevenjobs Dish washer Camp counselor Fighter pilot Astronaut Commandant Speaker Author Now Global Space Statesman! — Buzz Aldrin (@TheRealBuzz) August 7, 2016 And while it’s been cool to see how the everyone on the internet’s careers got started, we’re really interested to know who got their careers[…]


The question most often asked in hiring is – “Where do I find the best people for my team?”. The easiest answer to this question is to leverage your network. In fact, you can hire faster, better, and cheaper than ever before simply by creating a referral program for your employees and your community. Here are the 7 reasons that employee referral programs work. 1. Employees are Matchmakers Your best advocates are your employees and community, and they’re also your best matchmakers. People are better (at least for the time being) at matchmaking than algorithms or resumes. No one understands your company like your team. When an employee refers someone to their team, their brain has already executed a great matchmaking algorithm[…]

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So, you’re thinking about setting up an employee referral program? Great! Awesome hires come from a variety of places, but one of the most overlooked places is from your network. Your network includes not only your direct connections, but also your employees’ connections, and even their connection’s connections. But, it can be more difficult than just asking your employees to recommend someone they know for an open position. Google knows that this can be a tricky problem to solve, and they wanted to figure out a solution. What they realized was that financial incentives had nothing to do with how successful their referral program was. They doubled their reward from $2,000 to $4,000 and nothing changed. So what does make an[…]