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Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Recruiting Process A version of this post originally appeared on the Greenhouse Blog –  In any organization, hiring needs are constantly changing. Growth plans change, talent comes and goes, and critical roles need to be build. Pressure mounts, and more often than not, teams of all shapes and sizes end up hitting a point where they ask themselves the same question: “Should we outsource our hiring?” The smart answer: no. Outsourcing is appealing to address quick and pressing talent needs (such as hiring a handful of new BDR’s), especially if you have some gaps in your internal talent acquisition (TA) team. But relying on external TA – like relying on any function outside of your organization – can[…]


The beginning of a New Year is a great time to set your intentions and plan for a successful year. It’s also a great time for predicting what’s to come, and in the talent acquisition and HR space, there’s no shortage of opinions about the biggest 2017 talent acquisition predictions. Instead of coming up with our own hairbrained predictions, we crawled through 100’s of predictions from talent acquisition and HR thought leaders, and found our favorites. They embody the excitement that we have for talent acquisition and HR in 2017, our hope that technology will make recruiters’ lives better (and not eat their jobs), and that hiring (and workplaces in general) will become a more inclusive endeavor. #1 2017 #TA Prediction:[…]


  Good companies make their customers happy. Great companies make their customers better. Enter: Greenhouse Software. Greenhouse makes customers happy with tools that help them source, interview, hire and onboard better. Unlike the rigid world of incumbent applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HR software giants, Greenhouse tools work for your team, not the other way around. But Greenhouse also strives to make their customers better by including them in a movement that is changing how companies hire. They embody this movement with their OPEN customer summit, which brings fellow customers together with thought leaders to inspire, teach, and share stories about growing great teams. This fall, they’re taking the event on the road for their 3-city OPEN Roadshow. First stop:[…]